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What you need to know to sell your house in Columbus Ohio (and anywhere in the area.)

A good agent. Honestly, if you try to sell your home yourself you will probably end up spending more money in the end than if you had just used a professional from the beginning. That's the main reason people sell themselves; to save money. But now you have to advertise, market, show the home and price it all yourself. Most sellers price their home too high and by the time they drop it to sell it, it's much lower than if they had priced it correctly the first time.  I have spoken to many sellers that attempt to sell on their own and in the end finally call me. They are tired, frustrated and confused. Save yourself all that hassle and let an expert do it for you.

Incentives. You need incentives to sell your home. What does your home have that your closest competition doesn't? Showcase the home's best feature whatever that is; offer a home warranty; provide a home inspection ahead of time to correct and repair any issues; whatever you do, make your home seem like the best home with the best deal.

Think like a buyer. Imagine you are touring your own home... would you buy it in it's current state? Anything that you would change? If you're unsure, try touring local model showrooms or open houses in new developments. These homes are professionally staged and they know exactly how to appeal to today's buyers. You don't have to spend thousands for a good staging job; carefully placed items and decor can really make a statement. Take notes, pictures and jot down ideas for appealing to all types of buyers. 

Don't get emotional. Remember, once your home is on the market you can't think of it as a home anymore. It's a commodity to be bought and sold. if you get emotional then you  might be insulted with a low-ball offer and there may be tension in the transaction. (This is also another good reason to use an agent as the mediator). You never know who will buy your house and if you keep an open mind in the negotiation process it can be much easier to find a happy medium for both buyer and seller.

Selling doesn't have to be rocket science but by conducting just a few simple tactics you can be sure your home will get the attention it deserves. Don't waste your time, energy and money on trying to sell it yourself; call me today to find out how much your home is in today's market. I would love to offer tips, suggestions and numbers on how to price and sell your Columbus home.

Donald Payne
Donald Payne
Founder/ Broker

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