Will You Hate These Home Trends in 10 Years?

Design trends come and go but it's those timeless looks and architectural nuances that stick around forever. There's always something new on the horizon and something old that we are trying to phase out. Surprisingly, granite countertops are no longer one of the posh luxuries that we loved just 10 years ago. Granite is out, quartz is in. Why? It's more durable, more consistent and color, and doesn't ship nearly as much is granite. But what other types of design trends or things in houses now might drive us crazy in the future?

Will You Hate These Home Trends in 10 Years?#1. The location.

The location might be great now, but what about in 10 years? Are you planning on having kids or having kids go to school? Finding a good school district now not only will help you out personally but could add great resell value to the home later on. Also, try to have an idea of the future for your neighborhood. Is zoning already underway for new construction homes thereby? This could be a good or a bad thing depending on the noise, additional traffic, and more crowded schools.

#2. The number of electrical outlets.

This definitely is something that you don't think about when touring new homes but if there's not enough outlets, you may find yourself overloading the ones you do have, causing serious hazardous issues. This is also not something that you could just add on at a moments notice. You may need to add another breaker box or another service entrance. Most experts suggest having outlets in rooms every 6 feet along the wall. Older homes probably won't have that many, but it is something to be aware of when touring new homes.

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#3. Storage and closet space.

Don't let this be something that you think you will overlook. If closet space seems to be an issue to the current homeowner as you are perusing certain homes, it definitely will be an issue later on.

#4. Steep landscaping terrains.

The current owner may have done a beautiful job with very gated landscaping in the back or front yard and different retaining walls, but that could be a nightmare to maintain, mow, or even just to look at. Try to think ahead when looking at the landscaping of the house. Is this something you want to deal with for the next 10 years?

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#5. The layout.

Many older homes were built with the bathroom off of the kitchen, which just doesn't seem to make sense and is a poor design. Don't just assume that you're going to change the location of a bathroom or bedroom is this can be a major home improvement undertaking. Try to find a layout that makes sense to you now, and you won't have to worry about altering the design in the future or having a difficult time trying to sell it to someone that doesn't want that either.

Design trends come and go but really pay attention to what you like now versus what you might like or not like in the future. It really can have an impact on what you buy today.

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