What to Know About Selling Your Home for the First Time

Are you selling your first home? We know the process can seem very foreign, a little intimidating, and maybe even a bit bittersweet as you release the first place you were able to truly call yours. With the right knowledge and preparation, your first home sale can be hugely successful, especially right now as the current real estate market is strong for sellers across the country.  

Here Are Some Tips to Help You with First Home Sale Success What to Know About Selling Your Home for the First Time

Hire a Great Local Realtor 

A Realtor will help you to not only market your home well for the right asking price, but they will also be there to advise you on what should be done to make it most appealing when buyers walk through and to handle all of the negotiations to land you the best final sale price. Using a Realtor that is experienced in your local neighborhood is essential as they will know the local culture and what buyers are currently looking for in homes that sell.  

Consider Professional Help to Fix it Up 

Before listing your home for sale, you will want to make sure it is in top condition. This is the time to get those little fix it projects done that you always meant to but never got around to. In order to make sure these things get done properly it is best to hire a pro to do the work. Not only will it get done right it will get done faster. When your home is ready to move into with no issues you will get higher offers.  

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Get Professional Listing Photos 

Even before the pandemic, but especially now, a majority of home buyers begin their hunt for the perfect home online. One way to make your home stick out and draw the interest of buyers is with great eye catching photos. Great photos that showcase curb appeal and updated features can be the difference between a home that has multiple offers and one that has only one. Pros know how to feature your home’s best features and get buyers to want to see it in person.  

List it For the Right Price  

After location, listing your home at fair market value is crucial. A home that is listed too high will sit on the market for a while until you are forced to drop the price and one priced too low can make buyers wonder what is wrong with it and scare them from even taking a look. Make sure you take the educated advice of your experienced local agent on what price the home should be listed for.  

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Staging is Key 

Statistics all over the country show that homes staged well sell more quickly and for more money. Staging is the art of decorating and arranging a home so that a buyer can see themselves living there while they imagine how sweet life is going to be in the home. This does mean getting rid of clutter and packing away the personal knick-knacks and anything that makes the home feel dated or overcrowded. A professional stager is an expert in the art of setting up a home so a buyer can see its useful function and how they could live there. If you need to live in the home while you sell it ask a stager to make use of your belongings.  

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Be Flexible  

Though home showings look a little different right now, they are still happening. You will find that buyers will want to look at your home at all different times of the day and some seemingly inconvenient, like right when you step into the shower. It will feel annoying at times but just be prepared to need to be flexible and patient. Even when you ask for an appointment to be made some realtors will call up saying they are just around the corner and ask to come to look at the home.  

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With the right preparation and the right professionals to help, you can successfully sell your home in this seller’s market very quickly for full price. Are you thinking about selling your Columbus area home? Contact us anytime.  

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