What is the Best Area to Live in Columbus Ohio?

What is the Best Area to Live in Columbus Ohio?When homebuyers consider purchasing their first or next home in Columbus they often have several questions. One of the most frequently asked questions when moving to Columbus is...

What is the best area to live in Columbus Ohio?

While we can't tell you an area is better than another we can share with you the most popular neighborhoods that people who are purchasing homes in Columbus tend to gravitate to. Here is a list of the most popular neighborhoods in Columbus to purchase a home.

German Village

The German Village neighborhood has long been one of Columbus's premier outstanding neighborhoods. It is popular for outdoor activities, nightlife, and quick and easy commute. It's located only five minutes south of downtown by car just across Interstate 70. The impressive scenery of the restored brick buildings that date back to the mid-1800s is iconic and beautiful. German Village is easily walkable and full of charm.

German Village is full of some of Columbus's most popular hotspots but it differs from downtown. You will not find any high-rises here the tallest building in German Village is only three stories. If you want to experience the true uniqueness of German Village we suggest taking the self-guided walking the brick line tour. It includes 12 stops around Beck Street and guides you through some of the most interesting historical spots in German Village and the most impressive brick buildings.

Hotspots in German Village include the neighborhood off-leash dog areas, the trail systems for hiking, Schiller Park, Schmitz Fudge House, and checking out the art collection at Kenny Galleries.

The median home price at the end of 2023 in German Village was just under $514,600. Keep in mind this is the median price you can find homes in German Village starting around a very affordable $200,000. Homes can go well into the million-dollar range as well. The single-family homes in German Village are popular for their unique historic character and their lot sizes. The average rental price in German Village is $1575 a month.


Clintonville is notable as one of Columbus's "hipster neighborhoods" Clintonville is located just 10 minutes north of downtown and feels more like a suburban of Columbus with a dense suburban feel. Clintonville is popular for its proximity to downtown as well as its eclectic collection of local eateries and boutique stores and fun nightlife options. Clintonville is popular with young professionals as well as students near Ohio State University.

Homes in Clintonville come in beautiful desirable tutor styles and Craftsman styles. The median home price in Clintonville is around $438,100. The majority of people in Clintonville own their homes and there are some rentals but they are harder to come by in the area. Because of the location near the college, rentals are popular here.

Clintonville is popular on the west side for its riverfront parks offering amazing quiet green spaces in the bustling city. Columbus Park of Roses is one of the most popular spots in the area. If you would like to enjoy a meal and a movie at the same time Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse is located here.

Uptown District

The Uptown District makes up a portion of the west downtown area of Columbus.  Uptown District is one of Columbus's up-and-coming neighborhoods with life and popularity being breathed back into the area. If you are looking for a walkable neighborhood with plenty of diversity this neighborhood of downtown Columbus is for you. With easy access to four interstates and only 10 minutes from the airport it is easy to get anywhere you need to go should you ever actually need to hop in your car.

Homes here come at a bit higher price than many Columbus locations but this is because it is right in the center of everything you could ever want or need in the city. The Uptown District offers many great condo properties with amazing modern amenities. It is not the place to find a sprawling single-family home but it is a popular spot for a low maintenance walkable lifestyle.

What makes a Columbus neighborhood the best place to live in Columbus really is dependent upon personal opinion. Whatever is important to you there is a Columbus neighborhood that features it. If you are searching for a home in Columbus, I am here to help. I can help you find a Columbus home that you love. Contact me anytime with any Columbus real estate needs.

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