Using Smart Tech in the Laundry Room of Your Columbus Home

Using Smart Tech in the Laundry Room of Your Columbus HomeJust two or three decades ago a laundry room was not a huge selling point of a home. Sure, a Columbus homebuyer would like to know that a home has washer and dryer hookups, but beyond that, there was little interest in finding out if the washer and dryer were staying or where the machines fit into the floorplan. Most homes had laundry machines incorporated into a closet somewhere to provide the ability to wash clothes. It wasn't a main area of interest. 

Today laundry rooms are growing in interest amongst homebuyers. It is no longer just about having a hookup for a washing machine somewhere in the home. Buyers are hoping to find dedicated laundry rooms. Rooms that not just store machines but offer a whole organizational system around making this large family chore seem less daunting. Now laundry rooms are bringing in smart technology to make laundry feel like something you want to do because it is much more convenient and easy. 

How to Bring Smart Tech to Your Laundry Room

How Much It Could Cost

There is no clear-cut number as to what to expect to pay to update your laundry room. For the average home, a laundry room can cost anywhere from $1,300 to $15,000 and average around $8,100. The cost will vary depending on the scope of the work. Some people opt to move their washer and dryer and completely create a new laundry room which is the most expensive and some just opt to buy a new set of the latest laundry machines. Of course, new machines with smart tech will cost more. 

Finding The Right Smart Appliances

A Wi-Fi-enabled washer and dryer can help optimize the efficiency of your laundry system. These machines can be paired with your phone to remind you about maintenance and even let you know when your laundry is done so it doesn't sit in the dryer and continuously re-fluff itself until you take it out. It can let you know if you need to adjust the load size and engage in an automatic self-clean system. Some machines seem like they could do almost anything on their own except get your children to do their chores.

Depending upon the machine you really could find one that makes the unavoidable chore of constantly getting the laundry done much more pleasant and efficient. And should you decide to sell your home it could be beneficial to offer the machines as part of the home sale to gain the attention of potential buyers.

Opting for a space-saving design if your laundry room is smaller

Stacking washers and dryers have always been available but not always the most dependable. This has changed in the last few years and many great stacking machines are of the highest quality that offer smart technology as well. You can even purchase machines that wash and dry your clothes in the same machine. Of course, you want to do your homework on the dependability of newer styles of machines as sometimes they have not worked out every kink until they are experienced by consumers. But if you do have a smaller footprint in your laundry room utilizing space-saving machines is a great way to go. It helps to make the room feel bigger and again should you choose to sell in the future this will be appealing to buyers. Larger laundry rooms are always a bonus in a potential buyer's eyes.

Finish it off with great organization

Finding the most advanced technology in laundry machines to help make the chore less cumbersome is a great choice. Once you upgrade your laundry machines you want to make sure that the storage for all of the things that go along with doing the laundry is easy to use and encourages you to utilize your laundry room instead of running away from it. Items like utility sinks, plenty of shelving and cabinetry, counter space for folding, an area to steam or iron wrinkly clothes, an area to hang dry, and maybe a fun decorative sign on the wall.

Creating a space that feels like a decorative organized functioning system instead of just an afterthought is what many people are looking for in their laundry room. It is well worth the makeover when you go to sell your home because many home buyers want to see functional laundry rooms that get them excited about one of the largest chores in their home.

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