Using Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year in Your Columbus Home

Using Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year in Your Columbus HomeOne of the best things about homeownership in Columbus is the ability to make your home whatever you want it. You are the owner and you make all of the decisions about altering your home to fit you. (within local zoning laws and safety building codes) This means that if you want to try the latest home decor trends, you are free to do so. If you want to try the latest popular color for home design you can. Every year Pantone announces the new hot color of the year and if you want to use it in your home there's no one stopping you.

What is the Pantone color of the year?

Pantone, short for the Pantone Color Institute, is a worldwide leader in following color trends, and every year it announces its color of the year. The color that they forecast will be more popular than any other in many ways including fashion and home design. Pantone has been announcing its color of the year since 1999.

2024's Pantone color of the year is Peach Fuzz. Pantone describes it as a gentle peach with an all-embracing spirit. The trend followers at the Institute describe the color as a yearning for closeness and connection between people and that it brings moods of warmth and modern elegance to a space

Incorporating Peach Fuzz in your Columbus Home

There are many different ways that you can bring the newest color trend of peach fuzz into your home in Columbus. There are some more subtle ways and then there are some ways to go all out with the color. It is good to know that if you plan to sell your Columbus home in the near future, that opting for the subtle end of the trend will set you up for the best success in preparing to sell your home.

The easiest way to incorporate this color is to use accessories that are very easy to switch out to a new trend. However, incorporating the color should be done intentionally in a space so that it does not stick out like a sore thumb. If you are going to use peach fuzz in your accessories it is a good idea to incorporate them in multiple different accessories around the room so that it looks intentional and on purpose.

An easy way to add a pop of the latest color trend is with throw pillows on your sofa and accent chairs. If you are not feeling a bold color punch you could always opt for pillows that have patterns with a hint of peach fuzz color. Adding in other items like a candle holder or a throw blanket also helps to make the color feel intentional and like a cohesive part of the design instead of jumping to a trend.

Other places pops of peach fuzz color can be incorporated into a room without altering structural elements are in throw rugs, lampshades, window coverings, and other fabric textiles. If you are ready to go just a little bit bolder you might consider giving the ceiling a coat of paint.

Deciding to go bold or neutral with the peach fuzz trend

If you really love the new color of the year and would like to update the interior design of your home to make it feel current you are probably wondering how much color you should incorporate into the style of your home so that it feels elevated and pleasing to the eye instead of out of control. You might be wavering between just a little bit of the color or going all out with a bold new color punch.

How much peach fuzz color you want to incorporate into your Columbus home is your decision. But when making bold structural changing design decisions in your home it is always best to consider how long you plan to stay in your home. If you are going to take this new color and paint it on all of the walls in your main living area for instance, that decision is best made if you plan on staying in your home for a while. Using color trends is often a very personal decision and brings personalization to the style of the interior of your home. 

Going bold with the color can be a great way to personalize your home and make it feel like a space you truly love. But if you are planning to sell your home this choice of the latest color trend may not be appealing to people looking at your home considering purchasing it. Boldly using color trends is perhaps the best idea when you plan to settle into your home for a while. 

Your home is your safe space away from the bustling world and you should decorate it in a manner that makes you love your home. However, if you are planning a move sometime soon it could be best to bring this new fun trendy color into your home in an easier way to switch it out so that you are not spending more money to give your home a neutral makeover to get it ready to sell.

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