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Treating Summer Carpet Stains

Summer means long days full of fun in the sun and can also mean many people constantly in. and out of the home. With holiday parties, road trips and vacations, and of course your, and probably many of the neighbor, kids running in and out of your house your carpet may turn up with a stain or two. Follow these great spot treatment tricks to help you get out common summer stains and get back to enjoying summer.

Kool-Aid, Barbeque, Beer, and Other Food and Drink Stains

Hosting a holiday barbeque or summer pool party? Try these steps to remove accidental food stains.

  • Start by blotting the stain dry with a clean and dry white cloth or plain paper towel to get out as much excess moisture as possible before treating the stain. Remember not to rub and only blot, let the towel or cloth do all the work of soaking up the stain to prevent fraying your carpet fibers.
  • Mix together a ¼ cup of vinegar, a tablespoon of liquid dish soap for handwashing, and water in a spray bottle. Add the vinegar and soap to the spray bottle first and then slowly fill the bottle the rest of the way with water. Spray the remaining stained area of carpet and let it work on the stain for about 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes blot the stained area using clean areas of a new white cloth or plain paper towel until the carpet is nearly dry and all of the stain has been lifted.
  • If some of the stain remains, repeat the process a second time.

Grass and Mud Stains

With people constantly running in and out and a number of outdoor activities to be enjoyed, you are destined to end up with a bit of the outdoors indoors on the carpet.

Grass stains can be especially difficult because of the chlorophyll (the chemical that makes grass green), it can work as a dye and if you don’t move quickly enough it can end up dyeing your carpet.

Follow these steps to remove stains from mother nature on your carpet

  • Start by vacuuming the grass out of the carpet using the suction hose of the vacuum, not the regular vacuum head.
  • Grab a clean white cloth or plain paper towel and lightly dampen it. Blot the stain gently with the dampened cloth, using a clean area of the cloth each time until no more of the stain lifts from the carpet.
  • Put two teaspoons of dish soap into a bowl of warm water and mix then dip a new cloth into the solution and blot the stain. Again, use clean areas of the cloth until the stain no longer transfers to the cloth.
  • If there are still some stubborn areas of stain left behind, try blotting with a little bit of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar.

Tip: when trying to remove mud let it dry first before attempting to vacuum.

For stubborn stains that will not come out no matter what you try, consider calling a professional carpet cleaner. Many times a professional cleaner will be able to remove a stain.

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