Tips for Cleaning Out Your Columbus Home

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Columbus HomeIf you have a lot of belongings in your home that have not seen use in some time and you are getting ready to sell your home you may be thinking about how you could clean out your house to help get ready for your move and help showcase your Columbus home.

Cleaning out a home to get it ready to sell can quickly feel overwhelming when just considering the scope of the work. Sometimes the thought of letting go of certain belongings can feel emotional. But with the right game plan cleaning out your home doesn't have to be stressful.

Tips for cleaning out your Columbus home to get it ready to sell

Start with a plan

Cleaning out a home even if it's just one room can feel stressful and time-consuming. Going into the project with a plan can help you feel like it is less of an overwhelming task to tackle. Starting your decluttering process with a pen and paper can be a huge step and difference in making the job feel possible and not overwhelming. If the task feels insurmountable it might be worth hiring a professional organizer to help you out or at least just get you started in the right direction.

Write out the tasks that you feel need to be accomplished and then write out details of how you can get from where you are to where you want to be. Set out time goals for each step. Don't expect too much of yourself give yourself time to accomplish this and don't think you have to do it all in one large chunk of time.

Grab any needed supplies

Even though the goal is to try and get rid of things and not bring more things into your home there may be some supplies that you need to help you carry out your project. This could include boxes to help you collect items that are leaving your house and going to be donated or to the dump. You may also need boxes so that you can get a headstart on packing up and moving to your new Columbus home. This is also a great time to gather other packing materials like bubble wrap, tape, permanent markers, and labels if needed. Depending on how much you need to throw away you may even consider the cost of renting a dumpster if you don't have a vehicle to take things to the dump.

Deciding what to get rid of

Before you organize your belongings into categories of giveaway and keep and pack away it is good to just go through and throw out the trash. For some items, it will be obvious that they are trash because they are broken or are just a piece of packaging or something of the like. But for other items, you may question if they are trash, worth donating, or worth keeping. A good rule of thumb is to think about the last time you used the item and the condition of the item. If you have not used the item in six months or more or have forgotten about the item, and cannot make use of it, then it now becomes something to potentially donate or something to throw away. If the condition of the item is not great and you would be embarrassed to pass it on then this is your answer, it is trash.

Sorting and organizing what you keep

After discovering what you will give away that has not been useful to you and what you will throw away it is time to go through what you will hold onto. Since you are planning to sell your home this is a great time to get a start on packing items for moving. Anything that you do not see yourself needing daily while your home is listed for sale and available for potential Columbus buyers to come through and look at, should go in a box and get ready to go to your new Columbus home.

If you are cleaning out more than one room it is good to keep these items in a pile together and pack things into boxes room by room with labels. When you have things packed up try to gather boxes together in one area of your home where it would make sense that things would be in storage. This could be in a corner of the garage, in a shed if items are not impacted by weather control, or in a basement or other storage closet. You want to make sure that these items do not overtake the space and make it look like there's not enough storage in the home. If you have a significant number of boxes it could be a good idea to consider renting a pod-type container to help you temporarily store your things until you move to your new home.

Do a final deep clean

Now that everything is out of the way it is a great time to scrub your home from top to bottom and corner to corner. The cleaner your home is the better it will appear to potential buyers. It shows the home has been well-kept and well taken care of and this is seen as a huge bonus to a buyer. The cleaner your home the better it will show when someone comes to see it in person.

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