Things to Know Before Buying a Historic Home in Columbus

Things to Know Before Buying a Historic Home in ColumbusHistoric homes have an alluring charm, with timeless appeal that has many buyers looking at homes for sale in Dayton exploring the older neighborhoods in town. Before you buy a historic home in Dayton, make sure you understand the unique responsibilities and distinct challenges associated with this unique type of real estate.

Why buy a historic home in Dayton?

Buying a historic home in Dayton is an exciting prospect, offering the opportunity to own a piece of the city's rich architectural heritage. Historic homes also tend to boast unique architectural features, intricate craftsmanship, and timeless design elements that are difficult to replicate in modern constructions. If you are drawn to the character and aesthetic they offer, you may find it difficult to identify a more modern home that meets your preferences. 

Beyond the house itself, you may also be drawn to the neighborhood in which it is located. Historic homes in Dayton are usually situated in well-established neighborhoods and communities with a strong sense of identity and tradition, like the Oregon Historic District. Buying a historic home can provide a deeper connection to the local community, fostering relationships with neighbors who share a passion for preserving the area's heritage. Historic districts also frequently host community events, heritage tours, and preservation initiatives that bring residents together and celebrate the neighborhood's unique character.

Historic homes are also renowned for their craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials that stand the test of time. Many historic properties feature solid wood construction, hand-carved details, and artisanal finishes that reflect a bygone era of skilled tradesmanship and attention to detail. For those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and enduring beauty, historic homes offer unparalleled value and satisfaction.

What should I know before buying a historic home? 

The potential to live in your dream home when you buy a historic home in nearly unparalleled. However, being the owner of a historic home, especially if it is registered as a historic landmark, has some unique challenges. 

Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure provided excellent tips when purchasing a historic home:

"Many buyers are after historic homes because they have loads of charm and character. However, some vital things must be considered before signing on the dotted line. There are restrictions on what you can do with historic properties in many places. Even with no limits, there is usually a rigorous approval process for work you may want to do."

Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy a historic home in Dayton or Columbus. 

Investment Potential

While historic homes require ongoing maintenance and care, they can also be sound investments with the potential for major appreciation over time. Well-maintained historic properties in desirable locations often retain their value and appeal to buyers seeking unique homes with historical significance. Additionally, historic preservation efforts and tax incentives may enhance the long-term value of historic homes, making them attractive investments for savvy buyers.

The key to working this potential to your advantage lies in understanding the unique elements of historic home renovations and being well informed regarding grants and tax advantages.

Permits for Renovations

Historic homes are often subject to preservation restrictions aimed at maintaining their architectural integrity and historical character. These restrictions may limit the types of modifications you can make to the exterior and, in some cases, the interior of the home. Review the preservation guidelines carefully to ensure they align with your renovation plans and lifestyle preferences before you assume what you can do with the home.

Tax Incentives and Grants

Owning a historic home in Dayton may make you eligible for various tax incentives and preservation grants. Explore available programs offered by the city, state, and federal government to offset the costs of maintenance, rehabilitation, and restoration projects. These incentives can provide valuable financial assistance and support your efforts to preserve the historic character of your home.

Home Inspections

Older homes, including historic properties, may have hidden structural issues that could be costly to repair. Before you purchase a historic home, we will help you enlist the services of a qualified home inspector with experience evaluating older properties. Look for signs of foundation problems, water damage, termite infestations, and other common issues associated with aging structures.

Local Preservation Organizations

You may be able to find preservation organizations dedicated to safeguarding the architectural heritage of homes in the area you are considering. Get involved with these organizations to connect with fellow historic homeowners, access resources and expertise, and stay informed about preservation initiatives and events in the community. Building relationships within the preservation community can be invaluable as you navigate the joys and challenges of owning a historic home.

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