The 7 Upgrades That First Time Home Buyers Want

Not all first-time homebuyers these days are millennial's. Many people in their 20s, 40s, and 50s are buying their first home but regardless, nearly all first-time homebuyers are excited when they see these particular upgrades in a home. So what are they? Here are seven upgrades to really impressed first-time homebuyers.

#1. Smart home technology.The 7 Upgrades That First Time Home Buyers Want

Buyers are impressed when they see security systems, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient appliances. They're calculating out utility costs and general costs of owning a home so anywhere you can save a little bit of money and be more secure they're all on board.

#2. Larger gathering spaces.

Open concept floor plans are popular these days and people want and entertainment space that they can gather, have fun and entertain. This might mean a large family room that attaches to the kitchen and dining room or downstairs that's perfect for a man caves or watching the game.

#3. USB chargers in outlets.

For just a few dollars you can buy outlet covers that also include USB connections. Nearly everything needs a USB connection now to charge including cell phones, tablets, game consoles and devices so having this in a few spots around the house really impresses buyers.

#4. A home office

even for those that don't work from home, having a separate space for a home office means there's a quiet spot to pay the bills, check emails, or simply conduct business other than in the kitchen or dining room.

#5. Neutral colors.

Neutral colors doesn't necessarily mean white either. You're looking for soft grays or warm tans when repainting rooms and it's okay to have accent pieces but do so in the furniture rather than a bright red wall in the living room.

#6. Energy Star appliances.

As I mentioned in #1, replacing your washing machine, dishwasher, or dryer with an Energy Star certified appliance means that you pay attention to energy costs and are trying to be cautious of the environment so first-time buyers will pick up on this as well.

#7. High-tech garages.

A garage is almost a must for any buyer so by having newer garage doors openers with remote technology is a small gesture that will impress millennial buyers. You never have to wonder, "did we close the garage door?"

Just adding a few of these high-tech gadgets or creating a space that's neutral, calm, and inviting will definitely impress just about any homebuyer but especially first-time homebuyers and more specifically, millennial's that are looking to make sure everything is "plugged in".

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