Reasons Moving to the Suburbs Might Not Be For You

Over the last year there have been many more people working from their homes to help keep employees safe from catching or spreading the coronavirus. As a result of less time in the office, it motivated more people to move to the suburbs where they could be more spread out and potentially get more house for the money.Reasons Moving to the Suburbs Might Not Be For You

For some, the suburbs may not be the ideal move. Here are some reasons why some homeowners don’t love suburban life.

More Land Means More Maintenance

Leaving a city condo behind for the allure of a large yard with plenty of room to spread out may seem dreamy, but there is a time-consuming counterpart to it as well. If you do not love getting out into the wilderness or even gardening and getting your hands dirty, then a larger amount of land might not be the best fit. You could always hire a landscaper to do the work better than you ever could though. This comes at an added expense.

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Less Outside Activity

Though many things were shut down during the pandemic, there were still more options for take-out food and distanced activities in the city than out in the burbs. When things open back up there will be even more to do within just a few minutes of your front door. If you are someone who likes to be out of your home going back to a busier lifestyle may be difficult in the burbs.

It is Tougher to Choose Schools

School boundaries in the suburbs are much more strict than in the city. If your child is not thriving in the school zoned for your home, many times the only other choice is to check out the area private schools because other schools in the district are usually full. There may be few private schools to choose from within a reasonable distance from your home. This is not always the case but is common. It is much easier to find other schooling choices a reasonable distance from your home when you live in the city.

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There is a Lot More Driving

Some people like spending time in their car on the road, and some people do not. Yes, the traffic in big cities can be maddening and stress-inducing, but there is also many other options for modes of transportation in more largely populated areas. The further you get from the city the more you are dependent on driving yourself and everyone dependent on you around. For some, this is not a bad thing, but some may prefer to walk or hop on public transportation to get places more quickly or be able to multi-task.

If you live in the city and have considered moving away like many others make sure you take the time to really contemplate if moving to a different pace and lifestyle is for you. There are still many great homes for sale in the city. Both lifestyles have their ups and downs and are more appealing to different types of people.

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