Real Estate's Most Popular Home Marketing Tools in Columbus

Real Estate's Most Popular Home Marketing Tools in ColumbusThe real estate world is ever-changing and it has changed quite a bit here in Columbus just over the past couple of years. What may have worked to get a home sold just a short time ago is different from getting one sold today. As such Columbus home sellers want to make sure that they are hiring a real estate agent that knows what they are doing to market their home and help get it sold as quickly and for as much money as possible.

Today marketing tactics have changed in real estate all across the country. Here are some of the most popular newer marketing tactics for real estate.

Using social media

Many real estate professionals have taken to social media to help get homes in front of people and cast a wider net of reaching potential homebuyers. Several agents have developed accounts for their real estate business on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and even have gone to TikTok. This can help an agent beyond an online listing to be able to give more insight about a home and talk about it while showing it through pictures and video. It can give a whole new aspect or layer to helping potential buyers discover what they might truly love about a potential property.

In some cases, real estate professionals are networking with other social media influencers to help them share and spread the word about a property listing. And someways this can be helpful and in others, it could be a hindrance.

The 3-D tour

Many online listings do not just include pictures of a property but video of the property as well as a 3-D tour option. This can help a potential buyer to get more insight into a home that a flat to the picture can't really provide. The 3-D tour option allows a buyer to virtually walk through a home while looking at an online listing without actually being in the home and physically in the property. It is a good way to see a home in as much detail as possible but it does not necessarily replace seeing the home in person.

Drone footage

Drones are used for many things and they have entered into the real estate marketing world. It is a new way of showcasing a property from a bird's eye view it is especially helpful in helping to give potential buyers a sense of larger-scale properties or those that have amazing views and great locations. It can also be helpful for condo properties to showcase the building and the location within the city.

Turning an open house into an event

Many times the standard procedure for an open house is to hold one first for brokers to help other real estate professionals get a feel for a property and hopefully bring their clients back to the open house open to the public. One way to boost the attention of brokers is to have a themed broker open house. For example, some real estate professionals have turned a broker open house into celebrating something like national donut day where they give out free donuts from an area local baker giving an extra added level of appeal to help entice brokers to come to the open house.

Finding the right marketing tactics for your Columbus home

Some real estate marketing tactics may seem new and exciting but the best way to ensure that you are not wasting your time marketing your home is to work with a local real estate professional that knows what gets homes sold and how to communicate with the right people that your home is for sale.

Ask me any time about our unique marketing strategies at Vision Realty. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in getting a Columbus home sold. I make it my duty to market wisely and get your home in front of the eyes that matter.

For more information on selling your home in Columbus please contact me anytime.

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