Planning for Your Next Columbus Move

Planning for Your Next Columbus MoveMoving to a new home in Columbus when thought about seems like a simple thing to accomplish. But when you begin to look at the details of getting all of your belongings from one place to another it can become overwhelming. Moving is more than just putting things in boxes it also requires transporting those things from place to place and making sure that you are communicating with service providers like the water company to shut off service and begin new service in your new home.

And once you get to thinking about all of the smaller tasks that make up the large task of moving it can feel like you are quickly running out of time or capacity to get everything done. The best way to make sure you haven't forgotten anything and keep stress as minimal as possible is to start early and with a plan.

Here is a suggested timeline checklist for your Columbus move

As soon as you have a moving day

It is best to start with your moving plans as soon as you know you have an official date for moving. If you are selling a Columbus home this could mean anywhere between 30 and 60 days until your closing date. The very minute you know what day you are moving you need to start making arrangements for your move.

Call the movers

Moving companies can easily book up their schedule and you may find yourself having a hard time hiring movers if you don't do it far enough in advance. You want to contact possible moving companies as soon as you can. It is a good idea to walk through your home and create a list of belongings you would need help with so that you can give as much detail about your move as possible to the movers. This helps them to properly schedule the amount of time to help you move as well as give you the best estimate possible for your move.

Arrange school transfers

If your kids will be moving out of the zoning boundaries for their current school you will want to arrange communication with their current school and the new school that they will be attending. You will want to have transcripts transferred over as well as get them into the proper classes that they need.

Start packing

If you have not already started packing now is a great time to collect those packing supplies and formulate a plan for getting your items into boxes. The ultimate best plan for packing is to begin your packing with a decluttering of your home once you list it for sale. Even if you have already packed some of your belongings you likely still have a good amount of belongings being used in your home.

Now is the time to pack up everything that has not been put into boxes except for the things you need right up until the day you move. It is a good time to go room by room and label each box with the room that it belongs in as well as with the contents of each box. You may even be able to find some great labels to help you list and color code boxes so that you can easily take them to the room they will need to be in in the new home and find what you need when you get there.

Getting rid of things you don't need

If you did not already do this in the decluttering process when you were getting your home ready to list now is a good time to get rid of items you no longer use or want. The less you have to take with you to the new home the easier it will be to move. Once you have decided what is going with you and what will not be going with you you can arrange to have these items picked up for donation. Or you could list them for sale and make a little bit of cash.

One month before your move

At about 30 days before your closing date things can feel like they are coming on fast. You want to confirm that your moving day is solid with your movers and schedule to turn off your utilities as well as set up your new utilities in your new home. This will help ensure a smooth transition of services and not having to live without them.

Two weeks to moving

At two weeks out you want to make sure that you are packing all of those last-minute things that you have been using and start to do the needed but not so highly anticipated action of living out of boxes. This is the time to make sure everything is off the walls so that you can patch up those nail holes and put up a fresh coat of paint. This is incredibly important if you are renting because you want to get that deposit back.

The day before your move

Now is the time to do all of those last-minute things that you couldn't get done before. Items like confirming what the movers need from you to have a smooth process the next day. You want to make sure you give your home one last cleaning and confirm transferring keys to the new homeowner. The last thing that is left to do is to get a good night's sleep to be prepared for your moving adventure which starts tomorrow.

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