Painting the Front Door of Your Columbus Home and Why Its Important

Painting the Front Door of Your Columbus Home and Why Its ImportantIt is not often thought about, but the front door of your Columbus home communicates a lot about your home to the people who do not live there. This is because the front door is often the first place people focus when looking at your home. The front door carries a lot of first-impression weight to it. 

The front door is one of the first areas of the home that anyone sees as they enter it. It sort of gives a nod to what someone would expect to see once they enter. And when you put your Columbus home up for sale this is hugely important. A door with a fresh coat of paint in a welcoming color can do a lot to instantly transform your home and make it more inviting.

The front door is definitely the statement piece of your home's front entrance. Painting is a budget-friendly way to give it a makeover and boost your curb appeal. Read on to discover tips for painting your front door and instantly add curb appeal to your Columbus home.

Prepping the Door for Paint

Painting your front door is fairly easy but there are some things that you want to know and some preparation you want want to take to ensure that it is done properly and looks great.

First, you want to pick out the paint color. Making sure that the color works well with the rest of the exterior of your home is crucial. You don't want to pick a color that sticks out like a sore thumb or that clashes or seems unsightly. You can start by picking out some small bottles of paint samples and painting them on portions of your door to discover how they work with the rest of the home.

Once you have a color you want to make sure you gather the proper materials for doing the job correctly this includes primer, your paint, sandpaper, paint scraper, screwdriver, exterior paint brushes or rollers, a paint tray, a dropcloth, painter's tape, and possibly a hammer and a wood file.

Once you have your supplies together you want to remove the door from its hinges by loosening the pins and taking the door off of the frame. When the door is removed you can lay it across sawhorses to create a more convenient work surface. Make sure to remove all the hardware from the door including the doorknob any locks and levers any other hinges and the house numbers if they are on your door.

Now you want to give it a really good cleaning so that the paint will coat evenly and look as amazing as possible. Start by smoothing it out with sandpaper and then clean away any dirt and debris next to make sure the door is completely dry. After the door is ready you can apply painter's tape to areas you don't want paint on such as any windows or trim.

Before applying your brand new paint color you want to make sure you give it a good coat of primer and ensure that it dries. Once your primer is dry you are ready for paint. Make sure to stir it up before applying it to the door and then apply in thin coats and wait for each coat to thoroughly dry before applying the next. When you have done your last coat make sure to pull up the tape when it is slightly wet to prevent peeling. Once the door is dry you are ready to rehang it.

Tips for choosing the right color

When painting your front door you always want to choose a very high-quality exterior paint that can withstand several types of weather. This will last the longest and look the best. It is a good idea to choose a semi-gloss or satin finish as these are more durable and allow you to easily scrub the door.

Latex or oil-based paints are going to hold up the best for your door. If using oil-based paint you want to make sure that you are checking local building codes. And when it comes to color it really is a personal preference but if you are planning to put your home up for sale you might want to consult with your real estate agent. They can help you to pick a color that will work well with the exterior color of your home but also appeal to most people and a wide variety of styles.

The color black for front doors has shown to be very popular among homebuyers and brings a dramatic and appealing stylish appearance to a home. But again black might not work with every home style and exterior color so it's always best to get some expert opinion if you are painting in preparation for a home sale.

If you are considering getting your home ready to sell please contact me. I am highly knowledgeable in Columbus real estate and both buying and selling properties. I am happy to help you get your home ready and to help you sell it for the best price possible. Contact me anytime with any inquiries about Columbus real estate.


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