Making Your Columbus Home Eco-Friendly

Making Your Columbus Home Eco-FriendlyAn eco-friendly home is growing in appeal to many homebuyers across the country. There are many benefits to an eco-friendly home beyond having a lesser impact on the planet. Eco-friendly homes can also save a Columbus homeowner money on the costs of homeownership. 

Some home upgrades can be costly however when making a switch to eco-friendly systems. For example, adding solar panels to generate energy. But the good news is there are some very budget-friendly eco-friendly upgrades you can make in your home as well. 

Low-Cost Eco-Friendly Upgrades for Your Columbus Home

Use LED Lightbulbs

One of the largest costs in home bills is the electric bill. You can make a big impact on your energy consumption by switching all of your lightbulbs to LED ones. shares that an LED bulb uses 90% less energy compared to an incandescent bulb. LED bulbs also last a lot longer than other bulbs. The best news is that each bulb can cost as little as $3 depending upon the type of bulb you choose. 

Do An Air Leak Test

Many Columbus homeowners are surprised to find out that their exterior doors and windows are leaking air. This means that airflow from the outside is coming in and air from inside your house is leaking out. This does not just happen with doors that lead outside or windows, it can also happen in utility rooms, attics, and crawl spaces. 

Make sure to plug up these leaks. This will ensure that the air you are trying to warm or cool in your house stays inside your house and that your heating/cooling system does not need to work twice as hard to keep your home at a certain temperature. 

Change Your Curtains

Much of the heat or cool air in your home is lost through the windows. Switching out your curtains for ones that provide a better level of insulation will help greatly with heat and cool air loss through windows. There are special curtains made just for this purpose. 

Conserving Water

During the summer we often hear many areas around the country have asked residents to reduce their water consumption. You can reduce your use of water with some easy small swaps. 

There are many water-saving fixtures that you can install in your home. Some of the most impactful include water-saving toilets, low-flow faucets, and low-flow shower heads. Installing an aerator in a faucet can be an even more budget-friendly way to conserve water at your sink. 

Energy Efficient Appliances

This is not the most budget-friendly item on the list, but it is relatively budget-friendly as compared to purchasing all new windows for your home. If you need to replace an appliance anyway because it is aging or not working properly it is a great time to look at appliances that draw much less power and water to them. They will also make a big impact on those utility bills. 

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