Less Than Glamorous but Important Improvements to Make on a Columbus Home

Less Than Glamorous but Important Iimprovements to Make on a Columbus HomeOften times when Columbus homeowners think of making improvements to their home they think of fun things like a kitchen makeover remodel or building a fancy brand new deck. Fun things that would help them to enjoy their Columbus home even more. But in reality, often the most important home improvements are ones that are not glamorous but highly important to the everyday function of the home.

Here are important home improvements that are boring but necessary for a Columbus home.


If you have an older Columbus home that doesn't seem to be heating or cooling efficiently one of the first places to look into is the insulation. Having a professional come in and assess your insulation can make a world of difference. Insulation is not seen and no one will know you did anything to improve your home but yourself but it is greatly important. I only that but you will be very pleased to receive your next energy bill after you have made this improvement. A house without great insulation is not effectively maintaining a good temperature both in cold weather and hot weather. Insulation is your heating and cooling system's best helper.


Gutters are not the most glamorous and fun of systems in your home but they are a necessary workhorse. Making sure that your gutter system is working properly on your home is hugely important to it's ability to function properly. You don't often hear someone say, "wow look at the gutters on that home!" but they do carry out a very important task in the home. Making sure that gutters are clean and in good repair is highly important to preventing water damage in your home.

Gutters in disrepair can lead to leaks in the roof and foundation and can also cause soil erosion around the home which also brings foundation issues. Keeping up on cleaning your gutters is highly important and if you discover that your gutter needs replacing you want to do so right away.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms

Even though you are not planning for your home to catch fire, there are several ways that homes catch fire every year that catch homeowners off guard. It is said that one of the largest causes of home fire is cooking accidents. You want to be as prepared as possible should a fire occur in your home. Making sure that smoke detectors are in every room, are up to date, and equipped with fresh batteries is incredibly important for the safety of every person living inside. Additionally, carbon monoxide alarms are also very important. Making sure to regularly check these and keep fresh batteries in them is a maintenance task no homeowner can afford to ignore. Be sure to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms once every year. Replace batteries and upgrade worn-out alarms for newer versions.

Electrical system

Making sure that your electrical system is in great working condition is not only beneficial to keeping things working properly but also important for the overall safety and livability of the home. You will not be able to see this upgrade, and it doesn't add a ton of style to your home, and it can be pretty expensive.

All that being said it seems like something you would want to run away from instead of run to. If you have an older home you want to make sure that your electrical system is able to handle the demands of newer electronic devices and appliances. It is well worth upgrading the electrical panel to make sure that the amenities within your home are running safely. The cost can be significant but it is well worth your safety and peace of mind and the ability to correctly run electrical items within your home

The benefits of boring maintenance

Purchasing a new home and making it your own is an exciting dream come true for many Columbus home buyers. But not everything about owning a home is always glamorous and exciting. Sometimes only a home is just about simple everyday upkeep. But there is a benefit to making sure that your home is in great working condition and that is that it helps your home to retain a higher value over time. While homes with curb appeal and the latest upgrades are interesting to potential buyers they also want to see homes that have been well cared for. Making sure a home is safe and in good repair will always add value to your home.

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