Keeping Your Columbus Home Safe During the Holidays

Keeping Your Columbus Home Safe During the HolidaysIf you were planning to travel somewhere outside of Columbus to meet up with family for the holidays or even if you just go out for a night on the town to experience Columbus holiday events you want to make sure you are keeping your home safe from potential break-ins. This time of year Break-ins increase significantly and keeping your home safe is a top priority for money Columbus homeowners and potential homebuyers.

Tips for keeping your Columbus home safe during the holidays

Lock it all up

This is pretty obvious of course. We all instinctively lock our door when we leave our house. One thing homeowners may forget to do is check all windows and every single entry point into the home.

In addition, you want to check the overall function of your locks. You want to make sure that they are not loose or easily knocked out of place by a hammer or crowbar. You want to make sure that your locks are tight and secure. It is also a good idea to consider multiple locks on easy access points in your home.

Consider smart technology

There are many security accessories for homes that offer smart technology. This includes of course video doorbell systems. But you can get other cameras and security accessories for your home that will not only monitor but notify you in real-time on your phone of potential concerns regarding the security of your Columbus home. If you're not at home it gives you instant access to what is going on around your home through a video feed.

Surely you could set up systems such as floodlights that turn on when they sense movement and programmed interior lights that turn on and off throughout the day to make it look like someone is present in the home. You could even shift the schedule of when lights turn on and off from your phone while you are far away so that there is no routine to win lights or turn on and it is not easily seen that the lights are on a routine program to try and trick ankle intruders.

Be diligent with your routine

When we are living in the house sometimes we can be in a hurry and we have the instinctive things that we do to make sure our home is secure before we leave it. But in our rush, it is easy to forget things especially a list of tasks. It is not uncommon for people to leave things they meant to bring with them behind or to forget one task in making sure that their home is secure. So being disciplined to take a little more time and not be in such a hurry as well as making a checklist that sits by the door to ask yourself if you accomplished all the tasks and secure in your home can greatly help.

Get to know the neighbors

Building relationships with your neighbors can help to not only feel a sense of community but also look out for one another when needed. Letting your neighbors know that you will be gone for an extended period of time is a smart choice when you have got to know them and feel you can trust them. Forming a plan to watch out for one another and let neighbors know of any odd behavior around their home is beneficial to everyone in keeping their home safe.

This time of year there's always an increased activity of theft and burglary. Make sure that your Columbus home is safe and secure to the best of your ability. There's never a guarantee that you are 100% full proof of burglary but there are measures you can take to help reduce the likelihood.

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