Is the Wall Mural Trend Right for Your Columbus Home?

Is the Wall Mural Trend Right for Your Columbus Home?Recent home design trends have shown that more and more homeowners are putting murals in their homes. But is this a design trend you should try in your Columbus home?

What a home mural is

A mural is a very large format of artwork that many people apply directly to a large full wall or even the ceiling in their home. Some murals are hand-painted while other ones (growing in the most popularity currently) are made of wallpaper-like material that is applied to a large area in the home.

The most popular tend to be landscape and botanical patterns imitating an extremely large piece of art or a giant photograph. Also popular in the mural trend is a geometric pattern or a graffiti-type work of art. Sometimes comic book-style artwork is also seen. Murals are currently trending in home decor and are expected to increase in trending through 2024.

What to  consider before trying the mural trend

If you are planning to sell your home in the next couple of years you may want to carefully think about incorporating the mural trend into your home right now. It can be harder to sell your Columbus home if your mural is not done in a certain fashion.

A mural can be fun for you as a homeowner but a mural that is more personal than seen as an interesting addition to the overall design aesthetic of the entire home can be offputting to a potential homebuyer. Murals can add an updated design aesthetic to a home listed for sale but the mural should be kept to be a reserved addition to the overall design of a space instead of seen as a large statement making peace that speaks for the room right when you walk in.

When you sell a home want to appeal to the largest number of buyers possible and this means appealing to their style preferences and design choices. You might consider if it is worth putting the mural up now and doing the work to take it down just before you sell your home to avoid a design element that has the potential to deter a potential buyer. 

An easy way to incorporate a home mural

If you would like to hop on the mural trend wagon there are some easy ways to incorporate one into your home. The easiest way is with self-stick wallpaper style decals.  This is a system of preprinted wall panel decals called peel and stick. This is a popular option because it allows for the easiest installation and also allows for an easier cleanup when you are ready to move on to a different design. 

Popular places to place murals include a focal wall in a dining room or living room, a kid's bedroom, an entryway, or a hallway. A mural is a great way to create interest on a large empty wall if you are having a hard time placing artwork and pictures on it, 

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