Is a Home Garden A Good Selling Point?

Is a Home Garden A Good Selling Point?Is a Home Garden A Good Selling Point?

As a homeowner with a lush and thriving garden you might think that everyone would love your garden just as much is you so why wouldn't it add value when it comes time to selling? I recently had a couple list and sell their home that had a spectacular backyard. It was lush, beautifully landscaped, and they had a separate, raised bed garden area that they have lovingly maintained. Because it's in the middle of summer, everything was in full bloom, beautifully watered, lush, green, and bursting with spring and summer vegetables. They couldn't even fathom why someone wouldn't want to buy their house at the prime of its seasonal charm. However, they didn't get as much of a response as they had hoped for. So does a garden really add value to the home and is it a favorite selling point?

Gardens are a tricky thing. Lumped into the same category as a swimming pool, they can add anywhere from 10% to 20% to a property value but you also have to find the right homeowner. Buyers that like low maintenance see a backyard garden like my clients as time-consuming, laborious, and high maintenance. This is not the type of home they are looking for so in many cases, having a garden or lush landscaping that requires a lot of maintenance could be a huge turnoff for many buyers. On the flip side, buyers may not even realize how much work it takes to maintain a garden, yard, and landscaping and tell they actually have to do it. While this is not in any way trying to deceive the homebuyer, buyers just don't know what they're getting into until they actually live there.

A beautiful garden may look lush and provide stunning real estate listing photos, it may not appeal to every buyer. However, there are some things that add more value than others when it comes to landscaping and garden features.

Garden shed – 82%
Good quality patio or pavers – 76%
Secure fencing and gates – 72%
Adequate outdoor lighting – 66%
Sturdy decking – 62%
Water features – 58%
Garden furniture – 54%
Artificial Turf – 40%

I recommend to all of my homeowners to maintain a cost-effective landscaping design rather than a high maintenance, dramatic looks. If a garden is scattered, meaning that most of the space is occupied, it can be extremely difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves there. Think about what modern property buyers really want from an adequate outdoor space. Privacy, safety, and tranquility tend to be the most desirable. Extra storage space, pavers, and entertainment space is often high on the list.

The other side of the coin is a poorly kept and unmaintained garden can negatively affect a buyers perception of property and decrease the value. Finding that balance between a beautifully landscaped backyard that is functional, practical, and low to moderately maintained and one that that is chock-full of plants and high maintenance foliage is really the key to getting the most value from the house.

Every home is different so if you feel that your garden or backyard deserves a higher price give me a call. Let's talk about it and review the comparable properties out there. Remember, your home is only as valuable as somebody is willing to pay for it so you have to look at the comparable properties to see if you can offer something more.

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