How Long Should It Take to Remodel the Kitchen in Your Columbus Home?

How Long Should It Take to Remodel the Kitchen in Your Columbus Home?When it comes to remodeling a home many Columbus homeowners set their focus on the kitchen. Kitchens are one of the most utilized and remodeled rooms in a home but they are also notorious for a lengthy completion time. This is because there are several different components to a kitchen. How long it will take to remodel the kitchen in your Columbus home depends on the project itself.

The reason kitchens take so long

One of the largest concerns Columbus homeowners have when considering the kitchen remodel is how long it will take to get the project finished. Each remodel is different and the timeline can vary depending upon the size and scope of the actual work needing to be done. It is hard to accurately predict an exact timeline but you can get a good general idea by planning out your remodel first.

A timeline for an average kitchen remodel

The average kitchen remodel can take anywhere between four and eight weeks to complete but it is not unordinary for a kitchen remodel to take longer. There are certain aspects of a kitchen remodel that will extend the timeline of the work like reconfiguring the kitchen layout. This means putting the sink in a different spot or moving the stove to another wall. Moving a kitchen sink, for example, takes more than just purchasing the sink and placing it somewhere else. There is getting into the wall to move the plumbing fixtures and purchasing new cabinets to fit around the new sink space. Each step required to get the job done right extends the timeline. 

Unexpected events could push the timeline out

As with any remodel, a kitchen remodel may have some unexpected occurrences that will make your project last even longer. The probability of this happening is greater the older your home is. This is because it is not uncommon to find hidden issues when you start demolition. Other common setbacks include problems with material delivery being on time, damaged, or delayed. Sometimes the contractor may have a personal issue that keeps them from coming to work or an issue with a subcontractor being able to show up. 

The Best Way to Estimate a Timeline

One of the biggest attributes that impacts the timeline of your kitchen remodel in your Columbus home is the planned work needing to be accomplished. The more detailed you are with your plan the easier it is to estimate the timeline and stick as close to the projected finishing date as possible. A good way to start is to make a rough drawing of your kitchen and look at every detail of what you would like done to improve your kitchen. 

Once you have a plan in place you can then begin to talk to different contractors about the work you hope to do in the kitchen. A reputable contractor will look at your current kitchen and look over the details of what you hope to change. They can help you to get a clearer picture of how long this work will take. Make sure to talk to more than one contractor and don't hire based solely on the professional that gives you the most promising and fastest timeline to get the work accomplished. 

A seasoned and trustworthy contractor is going to be realistic about the time it will take to get things done and will add an additional buffer of time to allow for any unforeseen project issues like receiving the wrong product, accidental mishaps, or other common issues that pop up and cause the work to go a bit slower. 

Remember it is difficult to precisely pinpoint the time a kitchen will take to remodel but with the right planning and a great contractor on your side, you can closely estimate it. Depending on the work it can take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks or sometimes longer. 

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