How a Road Can Affect a Home Sale

A Road? Yes, a road. Roads, surprisingly can have a big effect on the sale of your home. In a recent article by MSN Money, they talked about a few of them and I wanted to expand on this topic.The type of road can affect a home sale

We've all heard the term "location, location, location", and this is extremely true when we’re talking about different types of roads, freeways, cul-de-sacs and highways. Whether you live next to a busy road or in the vicinity of a freeway, both can really have an impact on your home sale.

 Types of Roads That Can Impact a Home Sale

Positive Impact

Cul-de-sac Street. These types of streets have a positive impact on your home sale. Because they keep the traffic to a minimum and there is only one entrance and exit to the street, it can be a big selling point to your home. Families feel a little bit safer letting their kids ride bikes or play out in the cul-de-sac as there are typically only 3 to 5 homeowners within that small vicinity.

Negative Impact

Near traffic intersections. Surprisingly this actually can be a negative. Homebuyers may not like idling cars close by or the visual eyesore of a traffic light nearby. Depending on how active that intersection is, traffic can be loud and the revving of cars may also be an issue. However, traffic lights can slow down cars, making it a little bit safer for pedestrians.

Railroad. We all know that living next to a railroad is not the most ideal for most homebuyers, however, some people love the sound of a train track nearby. This is a completely different type of “road”, of course, and homeowners will need to deal with the noise but also if the train tracks are close to an intersection you most likely will have train whistles, especially if the intersection is heavily traveled. Note: double-check the train schedule and see how active the railroad actually is. If there is a midnight freight train passing through you might not be able to get a lot of sleep but if it is a commuter train once or twice a day, it might not be that bad.

Freeway or heavily traveled highway. This most often is considered negative and even homes that are within view of a major highway or freeway can be a drawback. If the noise is an issue, a barrier may be constructed but homeowners may also have concerns about animals or children going into the street. Fences can definitely help this but in general, this is typically a negative feature.

Either Way

A dirt road. Some people love living away from high traffic areas and leaving the pavement altogether. In outlying rural communities, we have a lot of dirt roads and backcountry estates that are only accessible along a non-paved road. However, while this can be a positive selling point it can also be a negative one for some buyers. Cars will get dirtier, which means that homes can also get dirtier and you might have greater difficulty selling the home if homebuyers prefer a fully paved road. Maintenance is an issue with dirt roads more so than paved roads. There are not many residential subdivisions with dirt roads in our area…there are a lot of roads that are not state, county, or city-maintained (not public roads such as HOA roads). This can be a positive feature because there is typically traffic it limited, but usually, an added expense that needs to be considered because of the ongoing maintenance issue.

A double yellow line. This might not have even crossed your mind but a lot of times these double yellow lines could be a red flag that there is a lot of traffic in an area however, it also means that the traffic cannot pass. A double yellow line road can be a more serious or heavily traveled road so it’s something to look for if you're a buyer and something to be aware of that could be a drawback if you’re selling.

Corner lot. A corner lot can really have positive or negative ramifications for homeowners. Many people love the corner lot as it allows them more access to the house and corner houses can be seen as a premium site but many people today feel that it might be less appealing than an interior lot. They have twice the sidewalk to deal with and potentially a smaller front or backyard. 

Location isn’t everything but access to that location can certainly make or break a deal. How will your road affect your home sale? Do you think it will negatively affect the buyer attraction? There are ways to de-emphasize problem areas in a home. Give me a call today to find out how to positively present your home for sale.

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