Home Not Selling? Here's Why

In many competitive markets across the country, sellers are getting their homes sold before the week is out and if homes are not selling, there's usually a good reason why. If for some strange reason your home has sat on the market longer than a month, it could be because of these 6 mistakes.

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Home Not Selling? Here's Why#1. Excessive damage.

Have you already had an offer and been through the home inspection process? If buyers have backed out because of some major issues, you might find that with any potential buyer. If your home has major structural damage it's probably just a good idea to have it repaired and fixed before listing. Pull the home off the market and if you have to, take out a loan to fix the problem. Chances are you'll receive the profit back when the home does sell.

#2. Pet odors.

You might not notice it, but buyers will. Because you live with them every day you probably don't notice that the cat litter box has an odor, dog smell, or any other pet smell is permeated the floors and carpet. You want to deep clean the carpets and upholstery, invest in some air fresheners and remove any litter boxes from the house during showings.

#3. The neighbors.

Now, while there's nothing you can do about the neighbors, it could be the reason your home is not selling. Do they have loud dogs that bark every time someone approaches? Are they themselves loud? Well, it's a stretch, you could offer to pay for doggie daycare for neighbors dog during a showing.

#4. Messy house.

Sure, you stage the house beautifully when you first listed it, but now you've got a little lax on the housekeeping. If the house is not as clean and staged as it was when you first listed it, you could be missing out on some great buyers. Consider hiring a housekeeper at least once a week for a deep clean and try to create no more of a mess that you can't clean up in 30 minutes.

#5. Bad curb appeal.

Remember, most buyers will make a decision on whether they like the house within the first five seconds of seeing it. That means your curb appeal needs to be on point. Don't let your yard get overgrown and the grass dies in the time it's on the market.

#6. Wrong price.

It really just might be the price. Are you competitive with similar properties in the area? While your real estate agent may have suggested a good list price, did you listen? Most of the time if you offer something more for less than your competitor, you will get an offer.

Some things are in our control and some are not. By really evaluating why houses and selling could mean pricing it differently, staging it differently, or creating a new marketing strategy. If you're looking at getting a new real estate agent to list your property give me a call. I handle all real estate listings throughout the Columbus area and would love to help you get your home sold today.

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