Great Ideas to Decorate a Small Front Porch on a Columbus Home

Great Ideas to Decorate a Small Front Porch on a Columbus HomeOutdoor areas that allow homeowners to utilize their outdoor spaces comfortably in the privacy of their own yards have become more and more desirable among Columbus homeowners and homebuyers.

But if you have a smaller front porch it may be difficult or feel overwhelming to decide how to decorate it so that it can be utilized to enjoy the outdoor space around your home. Having a smaller space may create some challenges but there are some great things you can do to create curb appeal at your home on your small front porch as well as make it a place that you love to hang out.

Great tips to decorate your small front porch

Furniture size

While the largest of outdoor furniture seems to be cushy and comfortable you want to make sure that you are not overcrowding your front porch with furniture that is way too big. Making sure you have the right scale of furniture for your space is crucial. Picking furniture that is too large will make the space feel overcrowded and also draw attention to the fact that the space is minimal. Some areas may only be capable of holding a smaller set of folding chairs and tables. This allows a homeowner to sit and enjoy the space but also keeps the area from looking like it is overcrowded and keeps it more desirable to use.

Try painting the front door

Giving the front door a fresh coat of paint in a color that nicely complements the rest of the exterior will bring a lot of interest and design appeal to your front porch area. Some research has shown that the color of a front door is so important it can't even bring more money on a home sale the current popular door color for 2023 is black. There have been a few articles written stating that a black front door can increase the offer received on a home for sale.

You don't have to choose black. The best idea is to choose a color that nicely works with the exterior of your home and also helps to set an overall style tone for your home.


Outdoor lighting has become more desirable with Columbus homebuyers in the past few years. Outdoor lighting is so popular that is actually one of the most sought-after attributes of a home as the popularity of outdoor spaces and their useability has grown. It is always a good idea to make sure you have plenty of lighting I only to be able to utilize the space but also to help retain an element of safety and security. If you only have one source of light consider adding a few more lights to make sure everything is highly visible and that a great ambiance is created for using the space when it gets dark. More lighting also helps to make a space feel bigger and more spacious.

Think vertical

Since your front porch is small at your Columbus home the horizontal/floor space is limited. Using your vertical space can help to draw the eye up and give the optical illusion that there is more space. Don't just think about the ground and what chairs and planters you can put on it also consider the vertical space around your porch and how you can utilize and decorate it to help draw the eye up.

Having outdoor space is a plus for any Columbus homeowner. It is also a great way to help get your Columbus home sold if you are staging it. Staging outdoor areas helps a potential Columbus homebuyer to see the best parts of a home for sale. Highlighting outdoor spaces is always a great idea.

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