Good Things to Know Before Building a Brand New Home in Columbus

Good Things to Know Before Building a Brand New Home in ColumbusLow inventory has led some Columbus home buyers to consider purchasing land and custom building their dream home in the hope of finding somebody they will truly love and never need to buy another home again. The prospect of having that forever home just the way you want it is tempting but there are some things to consider before just buying a plot of land and assuming it is not much different from buying a pre-built home.

No home is 100% perfect even the one you custom build

No matter how much planning you do and how smartly you try to lay out the custom build of your home there will be something that isn't quite perfect. You may even find that as you live in your dream home with everything you have wanted it doesn't quite function in a daily manner the way you expected and you want to make tweaks down the road.

Though it is tempting to put all of your eggs in one custom basket, it is always good not to blow your entire budget on building a home in exactly the way you feel you want it. It is always best to try and keep some of the budget for making repairs or tweaks in your home down the road. 

Make sure you pay attention to insurance

Many home buyers do not think of this when they consider purchasing a home and how much home they can truly afford. Taking into account insurance premiums is always a good idea. It is one of those hidden costs of homeownership. While new construction homes are built to the best safety standards because they have to abide by the most current building codes it is always a good idea to make sure you know exactly what your home insurance will cost and how much it will cover.

You want to make sure everything on your property is insured with plenty of insurance for a full replacement cost. This could alter your plans for the square footage in your home or building that extra garage space to hold a shop or an RV.

Be prepared to be patient

Building a home exactly the way you want it can be exciting and take the stress out of finding that Columbus home with just the right attributes. But it also requires a longer waiting period to get into the home. And with construction, there are several unknowns and it is almost guaranteed that the timeline is going to be pushed out for any number of unpredictable reasons. Construction is never 100% predictable when it comes to having everything done on schedule without any surprises. There's always a surprise or two that causes a hiccup and can make the project take even longer so just be prepared for it before your home is built. This mindset will alleviate a lot of stress.

You will still need a home inspection

Even though you are building the home and can oversee every step of the process communicating with the contractor as much or as little as you want you will still need to have a home inspection and should have a home inspection.

An inspection ensures that your home has been permitted and is up to the most current safety codes as well as is built properly and safely and is ready for you to move in. Even a brand-new home has hiccups and can have some flaws. Or it may be that there is a brand new building code that got missed in the building and needs to be corrected. And though you don't have plans to sell your home should you ever need to, having everything documented and permitted will help you in this scenario. It is an added layer of protection for a homeowner on many levels especially to make sure there are no issues with your very large and expensive life investment.

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