Getting Your Columbus Yard Ready for Winter

Taking care of the lawn at your Columbus home is a great way to not only keep the exterior of your home looking great but also to retain curb appeal and as such retain a higher value for your home. Many of us are busy and unless you love being out in the yard landscaping can feel like an important but times sucking duty of owning a home.

There are some ways that you can maintain your landscaping to help you not have to do a major springtime overhaul when the weather gets warm and your landscaping thaws out. Performing some fall maintenance tasks in your yard will help you to have a lush landscape with less work come the following spring.

Landscaping professionals will advise that if you do a few smart preparatory tasks in the fall for winter as your yard goes dormant in many areas come spring you will be ready to showcase it at its best again.

Landscaping steps you can take in the fall to Getting Your Columbus Yard Ready for Winterprepare for winter and beyond

Clear debris

The first step in keeping your yard maintained and getting it ready for a very cold season is to remove all the debris. This includes dried-out plants and items like falling leaves or pine needles. Removing dead plants helps keep harmful visitors like insects from spreading disease throughout your yard when you are not taking care of it on a routine basis like you would during warmer weather. You also want to remove weeds and consider applying a spray or granular form of weed treatment.

Caring for perennials

Perennials are plants that come back seasonally. Now is a good time to make sure that these plants are in good condition and ready to survive through the fall and the harsh winter so that they will come back in full health in the spring. Remove any dead areas and cut stems to within an inch or two of the ground. If you plan to plant bulbs now is the time to do it so that they are established and ready to flower in the spring.


Once the debris is cleared it is a great time to get the lawn mowed. At this time of year, it is better to place the mower in a lower setting and cut the grass shorter than you would during warmer months when you are cutting the grass more frequently. Some experts would advise you to cut the grass between 1 1/2 to 2 inches to help increase the sun exposure in the airflow to your lawn. 


Once the lawn is mowed and cleaned up it is a great time to consider aerating the lawn. If you only have the ability to aerate your lawn one time a year this is the best suggested time to do so. Aerating is the process of removing small portions of the lawn called plugs that will add small holes or pores to the ground. This relieves compaction that is caused by foot traffic and the use of the lawn creates extra space in the soil and allows grass roots to access air, nutrients, and water.

Taking care of dirt patches

If you have had a harsh summer or there were just conditions that caused patches of dirt to pop up in your lawn now is a good time to consider putting down some new grass seed. The colder temperatures and increased moisture present in the ground at this time of year make it A very lucrative time to re-plant these areas. If you do recede you want to make sure that you thoroughly water these areas of the lawn and have brand new grass that needs a lot of hydration.

Some landscaping experts would say watering in the fall regardless is a good idea. It helps to ensure that your lawn is strong hearty and ready to withstand a harsh upcoming winter.


This is the best time to get that layer of fertilizer on your yard. It's kind of like a squirrel preparing to store nuts for winter. You are giving your lawn a boost of much-needed nutrients that will help it to store up and teen plenty of nutrients to get it through the dormant winter months. It keeps your grass fed all winter long.

Stay on top of those leaves

Through the fall you'll have continued leaves and debris falling in your yard if you have leaves to begin with. You want to make sure to stay on top of clearing leaves in your yard. Not because it is unsightly but more so because you do not want leaves to be decaying underneath snowfall as this can create unhealthy decay that is not good for your lawn.

Taking a few preventative maintenance steps for your landscaping now will help you to be able to ignore your landscaping during the harsh cold winter and also be able to create your landscaping next spring with enthusiasm because you do not have a ton of work to get your yard cleaned up and ready to go in the spring.

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