A Plan to Get Your Bathroom Organized, Clean, and On Track for a New Year

Nothing makes a bathroom feel more like the relaxing spa oasis you want it to be than having it clean and organized and ready to enjoy any time of the day. So make good on that resolution to have a clean, organized, and more stress-free home with this 7-day bathroom organizing and cleaning plan.

Start with a Master PlanA Plan to Get Your Bathroom Organized, Clean, and On Track for a New Year

The bathroom is easily a hot spot for clutter to build up on busy and rushed mornings and is also a place where some of the most dreaded of cleaning tasks take place. (We don’t know anyone that says scrubbing the inside of a toilet bowl is their favorite thing.)

Start by thinking about how your family uses the particular space and what items need to be stored there. You will want to set aside a large chunk of time the first day to pull everything out of the room and then you will need less time as the week progresses. We suggest starting on a Saturday and going from there. By next Saturday you will be ready to take a nice long hot bath in there and just enjoy the space.

Day 1

Declutter: pull it all out of the bathroom, every single item. You want to start with an empty canvas. Find a place where you can store these items. It is helpful to make some signs before you begin pulling things out for where things will get put back.

For example: medicine cabinet, under sink, linen closet, shower, trash, give away, etc. This way as things are coming out of the bathroom you can sort them right away. If you don’t have time to do it this way and just need to get the items out, that is ok there is room in the plan to sort things later.

Day 2

Deep Cleaning: When the bathroom is empty is the perfect time to scrub into the deepest recesses of the bathroom. To make it easier on yourself, you could always hire a professional cleaner. If you can’t remember the last time that tile grout had a professional cleaning and sealing now is the time to call a professional tile cleaner. It is also a great time to scrape out and replace any old caulking around your shower, tub, and vanity.

Day 3

The Fan/Ventilation: Bathroom vent fans should be cleaned seasonally or at the very least once a year. Not many people do this, but neglecting to do so for many years can result in fire. Poor ventilation can also cause mold and other problems brought on by too much moisture hanging out for too long. So, take some time to pull the cover off the vent fan and clean that thing out. If you do not have a fan(some bathrooms don’t) consider making some signs to remind everyone to open the window a crack for at least 30 minutes after a shower and/or get a vent put in the bottom of the bathroom door.

Day 4

Organize: Now it’s time to start bringing things back in. If you already have items sorted into piles you can simply put things back where you want them. If you have not yet sorted things now is the time to do so. Make sure to get rid of expired items and only bring back what you truly use and need. (Hello 20-year-old lipstick, it’s time to meet the garbage can.) it is also a great time to get some organizers for drawers and under the sink.

Day 5

Do Some Laundry: Take down the shower curtain if you haven’t already and put it in the washing machine if it is cloth. Do the same with the bath mats, you can even run them with your load of towels if they are in the same color family.

Day 6

Style Refresh: Now is the time to assess things in your bathroom and consider a little style refresh or updating. If you have towels from ten years ago it is time to turn them into cleaning rags and get fresh ones. Have you always wanted to get some cute artwork or a few nice shelves? Treat yourself to a little something fun!

Day 7

Make a New Plan: now that the bathroom looks amazing, it is time to formulate a plan to keep it that way. Write this plan into your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. For example, daily take some time to put things that pile up on the counter back where they go.

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