Energy Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Columbus This Summer

Energy Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Columbus This SummerSome days in Columbus the weather can hit high temperatures that make staying indoors miserable but staying outside can be miserable as well. The first thought of many Columbus homeowners is to resort to cranking up the AC and making the inside of their home as comfortable as possible to beat the heat. But this can also come with a very significant increase in your energy bill but there are some options to help you keep your Columbus home cool without relying heavily on your air-conditioning.

More cost-effective alternatives to air conditioning systems

Using a ductless or mini split air conditioner

If you do not already have air-conditioning and are considering installing it you may want to consider a ductless system or a mini-split system. These systems do not require tearing into walls to put ductwork into place like a traditional air conditioner. They include a condenser unit outside the home very similar to regular air conditioning but the unit is much smaller. This condenser is then connected to smaller units that power individual rooms attached to the wall. This is a much less invasive approach to installing a cooling system and it requires less to run it as well.

Installing an Attic fan

An attic fan can be a very cost-effective way to install a cooling system in your Columbus home. An attic fan is a great air conditioning alternative in locations where the weather does not get overwhelmingly hot. The attic fan works by circulating air and pushing stuffy warm air out of the household at the highest point of the home because heat rises. It also helps to provide a consistent breeze within your home and with the right vents a fan can reverse to pull in cooler air through the home when your windows are open pushing the hot stuffy air out of the attic vents.

A swamp cooler or evaporated cooler

This type of cooling system works great in a dry climate. It is a system that has a fan and a water-soaked sponge or pad that blows air from the fan across the pad as the pad helps to cool the air distributed by the fan into the rest of the home. This system is best used when windows are cracked open just a bit to release hot air in the home.

A geothermal system

A geothermal system helps to regulate the temperature within a home using the more stable temperatures produced underneath the earth's crust. There are many different geothermal systems that you can choose from to install in your home but they all function on the same concept. A geothermal system uses liquid flowing through buried tubes exchanging heat from your home to the ground and can also do the opposite during times of cold weather. These systems are more energy efficient than a traditional HVAC system and can use anywhere from 50% to 25% less electricity than traditional HVAC systems. It does however require quite a bit of work to get the system installed in your home.

Boosting your air conditioning with ceiling fans

If you already have a traditional air conditioning system that works fairly well and you want to be able to rely on it less then considering the installation of a few ceiling fans in your home can be a great idea. Ceiling fans can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars and can help to boost the effectiveness of your air conditioning so that it does not have to be set at a super low temperature or work quite as hard. Ceiling fans help to distribute the air in a room in the same way that any traditional plug-in fan does but it has a much larger blade and can help move the air around more effectively than a traditional fan. When used together with your air conditioner it can help to boost the cooling effects but save some energy on your air conditioner working so hard.

There are many great ways that you can save money on cooling your home on super hot summer days in Columbus. If you are hoping to buy or sell a home in Columbus right now please contact me. I am here to make your home ownership process as stress-free as possible.

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