Does Soundproof Insulation Work?

As many more homeowners have spent the last two years with much more time in their homes, several are looking into the option of installing some soundproof insulation.Does Soundproof Insulation Work?

With more people working from home this means there is more noise created from outside sources that can make it hard to concentrate or just relax in peace. From neighbors also being home all day and creating their own noise, to children at home more often, to an uptick in construction projects of all types. This has created a higher demand for creating a quieter atmosphere at home.

One drawback to using soundproof insulation is that it can come with a significant price tag and it may not bring the level of soundproofing you were hoping for in every situation.

How soundproof insulation actually works

When it comes to soundproofing a home there really is no means of creating a 100% soundproof environment where insulation is concerned. There are many insulation products that have been designed with dampening sound, but there really is not one single soundproof insulation product on the market that will completely eliminate all noise.

The three categories of soundproof insulation sound control

Absorption: This is used to describe the reduction of sound inside the focused space

Isolation: this term is used to describe how the product can block any sound energy from transfer through the product inside walls

Diffusion: This is used to describe the spread of sound evenly across a focused space

Most often soundproofing is tied with isolation and most often fibrous insulation is used to help with creating the ideal results for isolation. Many soundproof insulations on the market do a pretty good job of absorption, they soak up the sound just like those paper towel commercials.

Tips for soundproofing a home with soundproof insulation

What many homeowners do not realize is that every insulation can provide a level of soundproofing. This includes even foam insulation that you spray into the wall. Adding thicker insulation of course will give you a higher amount of sound absorption on the insulation part. Thicker insulations will come with a higher price tag, some can be almost 30 to 45% more in cost.

It is said that fiberglass insulations are the best sound absorbers.

Many homeowners try to make soundproofing a DIY project, but it should be approached with a lot of research to determine if that really is the best route for your home. One of the items that homeowners neglect to think about when installing their own insulation is retaining proper ventilation in the home. This can create a series of problems that can also include things like condensation and mold.

Another thing to consider before soundproofing on your own is making sure you really know how the insulation is going to perform the duties you expect it to perform. Some homeowners will purchase foam insulation that claims to reduce sound but it will not actually do the job expected as compared to other products.

Soundproofing measures that are not insulation

Installing more insulation will mean cutting into walls and ceilings unless you just plan to add more insulation into the area between the ceiling and the roof of your home. There is good news however in that there are other ways you can absorb some noise within your home for a quieter space.

Some of these include hanging thicker curtains which will absorb sound. You can also consider replacing some closet doors with curtains to eliminate the sound of slamming doors. This method of a curtain in a closet also allows the clothing inside the closet to help absorb some of the noise in the room as all fabric materials are natural sources of sound absorption.

Sticking with allowing material in a room to absorb noise, you can add a rug to a hard surface floor or bring in a big fluffy comforter to the bed.

To help with noise reduction coming from the neighbors and other outside sources you can opt for a noise-absorbing landscaping technique. This can include planting trees and shrubs to help screen your home from any noise going on all around it.

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