Design Choices That Make a Home Look Cheap

We can probably all agree when we list our home for sale on the market our goal is to get an offer as close to, or maybe even above the listing price. We hope to make the biggest profit from our home possible in the current real estate market. One strategy that has proved to work overtime and time again is to have your home in its best possible condition and updated as much as possible. Repairs should be made, and furniture and décor should be edited and staged to appeal to the widest set of buyers possible.

However, sometimes there are cheap renovation choices that buyers can make or unappealing decorating choices that turn off potential buyers causing what would otherwise be a fantastic home that is highly appealing to sit on the market for a little longer or even much longer than it should.

Here are some renovations and decorating mistakes that are often made and make a home look cheap or less desirable to buyers:bad design

Cutting the wrong corners in a renovation

Renovation costs can add up very quickly especially if you are trying to bring in high-quality finish items that are the most up to date and sought after. This can cause some homeowners to quickly select a cheaper option especially if they are just doing a renovation for the purpose of being able to sell the home more successfully. Some homeowners will go with something that looks like a more desired item but it’s made of a less durable material to save some money. In many cases when a thoughtful high style touch such as a better drawer pull is installed it conveys a sense to a buyer that the home is thought after and well taken care of and in good shape as opposed to purchasing less expensive finish products.

A low quality paint job

Painting seems like something that is very easy to carry out on your own and be able to update the look of a room in a home. Right now bold colors are back on trend and some homeowners are choosing to paint with bold colors on their own in hopes of appealing to buyers by using trendy paint. Unfortunately a bold color choice will not appeal to every buyer, even though it is a high trend right now it is still best to stick to lighter and more neutral colors when selling a home. It is also best to go ahead and hire the professional to come in and perfectly paint those straight lines at the wall edges that everyone loves.

Not enough lighting

Good lighting does huge things to showcase a home. Good light is a top priority on a buyer’s list even if they may not have written it down or realize it. Homes with an abundance of natural light seem cheerful and larger when you first look at them. Properly lighting a dark room is much more important to help showcase the potential of the room’s use to a buyer. Of course the best way to light a room is with plenty of natural light flooding in, but if this is not an option using several layers of lighting to make sure every corner in the room as well-lit is the best way to go.

Not using window treatments

It is not uncommon for people to overlook the importance of a good window treatment. But a window without a dressing looks naked undone and sometimes even sad. The window treatment does not need to be expensive but it should be installed thoughtfully to avoid it looking tacky or taking away from the light that comes through the window. You want to make sure that drapery is not too short but just caressing the floor and that the curtain rod is not placed right on the edges of the window frame but just outside allowing the drapery to be pulled back and covering wall space instead of blocking light from the window coming in.

The wrong-size rugs

There are countless different rug options available on the market but it is important to make sure that no matter what rug style you choose it is the correct size to be visually pleasing to the space. A rug that is too small can detract from the overall look of a room or even make the room seem like it is hard to decorate. Scale and proportion of a rug are the most important thing when choosing a rug for a space to help it look perfectly styled. For example, a rug under a dining table should be large enough that when you pull the chairs away from the table they are still on the rug.

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