Create a Backyard Space at Your Columbus Home with These Fire Pit Ideas

Create a Backyard Space at Your Columbus Home with These Fire Pit IdeasBackyard spaces that allow a homeowner to enjoy their own private outdoor space are more and more desirable for Columbus homeowners. A backyard is a perfect location to get some fresh air in a comfortable extra living space that you have adjusted to fit your needs. It can also be the perfect place to entertain guests on a warm summer night. 

One of the most popular ways to enjoy a backyard is with a firepit. A firepit gives an added element of fun. warmth, and activity in your yard that can draw you and your guests out back or keep you there longer into the night. If you have been thinking about adding a fire pit to your Columbus yard you may be wondering where you should start or what design you should use. 

Here are Some Great Tips for Creating a Fire Pit at Your Columbus Home

Bring the Rustic Camprgroujnd Feel to Your Yard

If you are looking to create something simple and rustic, something that brings actual campground feels to your yard. Or if you are looking for a very budget-friendly way to incorporate a fire pit in your yard recreating a simple firepit like the one you would see at an actual campsite is a great idea. All you need to do is cover a large enough space to build a fire with a bit of extra room with something like gravel and then make a circle with larger stones to define the fire pit. 

You want to make sure there is plenty of space for this type of fire pit. It is best placed far from flammable structures and with plenty of room should any sparks fly from the fire while burning. 

Purchase a Portable Fire Bowl

If you are a homeowner that likes to change things up frequently or just can't decide where you would like to put a fire feature in your yard, a portable fire bowl is always a great choice. It can also be a useful choice if your yard is on the smaller side and you need the space for other uses from time to time. A portable fire bowl can easily be stored out of the way. 

Choose a Fun and Charming Chiminea

A firepit that is a chiminea can be a fun way to add interest to your yard with a unique sculptural piece. It can also help you to keep more control of the flame in your backyard. If you live in a fairly windy location the chiminea can also keep the fire from going out. Another added bonus is it directs the smoke up and away instead of out and into your clothes and hair. It is good to note that clay chimineas can be more fragile and prone to damage in harsh weather. 

A Pit Duge Into the Ground

Some homeowners choose to dig the firepit below ground level. It can add visual interest as well as an element of safety. Building an in-ground firepit starts with digging a large enough hole and then creating a fireproof wall with a ring installed in the hole and walls built up of fire-rated bricks or concrete blocks. The dug-in design helps to more easily contain the fire. 

Bring in Some Comfy Seats

A firepit is fun and creates light and a heat source when nights get dark and the temps cool as the sun goes down. But the fun of hanging around the fire can easily fade when the seating is less than comfortable. Encourage people to hang out for a while and have a conversation with some comfy seats. 

Bring in Extra Lights

Make it easier to hold a conversation and see the faces of the people you are keeping company with by bringing in some extra lighting. It will also bring an extra element of safety when the fire is put out and you need to venture back inside the house. Using string lights or lanterns is a great low-cost way to bring some more visibility to the area. 

No matter what you choose for your firepit design at your Columbus home, making your outdoor spaces more usable and desirable adds value to your home and can act as a double bonus when you decide to sell. 

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