Columbus is on Kiplinger's Best Places to Retire in the Midwest

Columbus is on Kiplinger's Best Places to Retire in the MidwestColumbus is an amazing place to relocate for many reasons. It has made several Best of Lists through the years. The most recent best of list that Columbus has popped up on is Kiplinger's list of 12 Surprisingly Great Places to Retire in the Midwest. Kiplinger has long been a leading news outlet and it is fun to see Columbus make this list.

Kiplinger starts their best-of-list article by noting that the Midwest, also sometimes referred to as America's heartland, has not been getting a lot of positive attention. They note that the United Van Lines annual national mover study reported that three states in the Midwest region are included in the top 10 states people moved out of last year.

But Kiplinger believes that the Midwest should not be counted out when it comes to choosing a place to retire comfortably. They noted that several areas in the Midwest offer what retirees are looking for including affordability, a beautiful atmosphere, great activities to get involved in, and quality healthcare nearby. This is why they comprised a list of surprising Midwestern locations that would make great retirement communities. And of course, Columbus made the list.

Why Columbus Made Kiplinger's List

Kiplinger shares that Columbus Ohio has a population of 907,971 people. The number of people living in Columbus age 65 and above is 10.7%. The median income for this population is $44,771 per year. The cost of living in Columbus is 10% below the national average. And the state well-being index score is 56 out of 100.

After listing all of these statistics it is shared that the median home value in Columbus is $232,847. The national median home price according to large real estate websites is $342,685. This is considerably lower than the national average making it a very affordable destination to relocate to.

Kiplinger recognizes that Ohio is full of activities and things to enjoy to keep retirees busy and find new hobbies with their new free time. Columbus is home to Ohio State University which hosts several great events from theater to sports and everything in between. The college offers Program 60 which is focused on Ohio residents aged 60 and older. This program provides university courses for free so that retirees can learn something exciting and new or further their knowledge of something they already love.

Kiplinger goes on to note in their reasoning for Columbus being a great place to retire that the downtown area is lively and offers an eclectic mix of shops, galleries, and restaurants. They highlight the Short North neighborhood of Columbus as well as the German Village to be some of their favorite places in the city of Columbus for activities.

A little more about Columbus

We completely agree with Kiplinger that Columbus is an amazing place to live for people in their golden years and anyone else for that matter. There are many great reasons to relocate to Columbus. Columbus has been quickly growing in recent years and has received attention from other news outlets as well. It has lately been recognized for its job growth opportunity and as one of America's hottest real estate markets expected to remain hot through 2024.

We would like to share with you a little more information about Columbus. We are experts in Columbus real estate and the many amazing things that make Columbus an amazing place to live. Check out our page dedicated to the city of Columbus and all of its neighborhoods. On this page, you will find a snapshot of the culture of Columbus and the homes in Columbus as well as links to the individual neighborhoods of Columbus. It gives great insight into what it is like to live in Columbus. For even more insight on purchasing a home in Columbus, we encourage you to contact us anytime.

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