Columbus is Expected to be One of America's Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2024

Columbus is Expected to be One of America's Hottest Real Estate Markets in 2024Columbus has long been a desirable location to live. For several years Columbus has been growing in popularity and real estate numbers have shown this. In 2024 Columbus is expected to continue with this trend so much so that it has been predicted to be one of the top-performing real estate markets in the entire country.

Every year several real estate analysts come out with market prediction reports on what locations will be performing the best. One of these analysts is the real estate company Zillow which many people utilize to peruse online home listings. The company has predicted that Columbus along with two other major metropolitan areas in Ohio will be in the top 10 hottest real estate markets for 2024. Columbus was listed at number three on the list. The other Ohio cities on the list were Cincinnati in the number two spot and Cleveland at number eight.

Columbus's Job Growth is Cited as a Key Factor

The report showed many aspects of what measures a housing market as predicted to be lucrative. One of the calculations is the predicted number of new jobs per number of new homes. This was a big reason why Columbus made the list. Columbus has always been a promising Mecca of job opportunities the job growth is expected to slow down as is the number of new homes built in the area. This is said to play a role in the competition for homes in Columbus in 2024.

Is Zillow's list accurate?

While Zillow puts these three Ohio cities at the top of their list of hottest markets in the country other real estate analysts have not listed these cities on their top-performing markets for 2024. Can a potential Columbus homebuyer expect to see competition in 2024? Is the Zillow prediction accurate?

The only way to truly know what is going on with local real estate is to have an in-person conversation with a local trusted real estate agent.  They can tell you about how real estate is performing currently in a specific area. Not only that but they can tell you how real estate can differ within a city by neighborhood. While Zillow's report can give a little bit of insight it may not tell the full story of what is truly going on in real time and how purchasing a home in Columbus in 2024 could impact your personal goals for home ownership.

Getting expert insight from a local real estate agent who has been working in the area for many years is the best way to determine what is going on in the market currently and how it can impact the sale or purchase of a home for you in Columbus. Many real estate experts agree with Zillow that homes will continue to be in demand in Columbus and increase in value. But only the help of an expert local real estate agent can help you to truly determine the real estate market factors of the particular Columbus neighborhood you are hoping to purchase a home.

Reading these articles could turn a potential Columbus homebuyer away from pursuing their dream of purchasing their next Columbus home this year. Talking over the real numbers with someone who is daily working with them could give hope to a Columbus homebuyer and help them find a Columbus home they love that they can afford.

If you are looking to purchase a home in Columbus contact me. I can help give you insight into the reality of buying a home in an area you love for a price you can afford. I am here to help my clients make homebuying dreams realities.

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