Can the Right Smell Help Sell Your Columbus Home?

Can the Right Smell Help Sell Your Columbus Home?Why The Right Scents Make Sense

You may have seen it talked about in some form how a real estate agent might use freshly baked cookies put on the kitchen counter during an open house to help make the home cozy and thus help it sell. 

This has to do with something called involuntary memory. A pleasant scent can put a person at ease or put them in a good mood. It can even bring back a pleasant memory to the forefront of the brain. In the same line of thought a bad smell can make someone feel uncomfortable and feel like a home is not well cared for. Ever walked into a bad-smelling place and just want to instantly leave? A good smell can intrigue a buyer to stick around and check out the home while feeling those good feelings. 

The sense of smell in humans is connected to the limbic system in the brain and this is where memories are stored. It is also good to note that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing by feeling overpowering and like it is too much. You want to make sure you are using the right amount of the right scents. 

What Scents Can Help Columbus Homeowners Sell a Home?

Of course, a scent of warm vanilla or cookies baking can bring cozy and comforting vibes to a space. Another great choice is scents that make us feel like the home is freshly cleaned (and it should be). These can include scents like an ocean breeze, fresh linen, or citrus scents. Scents that often come in a household cleaner form. Other great options can be jasmine, cinnamon, and pine. All smells that are most often thought of as pleasant by a wide range of people. 

Smells to Try and Remove

We touched on how a bad smell can send most of us instinctively to head for the hills and retreat to a more pleasant space. it instantly sends the message that the home has something wrong with it. Often smells that are the strongest and most offputting include cigarette smoke, strong food smells or old food smells (think fish or items left in the fridge too long not to be confused with freshly baked bread or cookies), garbage, crusty laundry, and pet smells. 

When using scent to help convey that the home is clean and in great condition, while also bringing good moods and maybe even rejogging good memories, subtle is best. The scents should support feelings of comfort and cleanliness but not overtake the room. 

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