Building a Privacy Fence Around Your Yard

Building a Privacy Fence Around Your Yard

A home is a sanctuary a place of privacy to do whatever you want without being judged. (Unless it’s by your family members.) For many, a backyard has become an extension of this sanctuary, especially over the last couple of years. But for some, hanging out in the backyard isn’t all that fun when you can see your neighbor every time you go out to relax on your deck. The solution to this problem could be in building a privacy fence.

If you have been considering building a fence around your backyard here are some tips to help you prepare

Check Your Lot Lines

Before you put up a fence on what seems to be the clear and divided boundaries of your yard you want to make sure you check the legal lot lines of your property. There have been many times when a homeowner has built a fence only to have it contested by a neighbor or a new homeowner who purchases the home next to yours and then you end up having to take it down.

Know Your Homeowner Association Rules

Before you get excited about designing your own fence around your backyard you want to make sure that if your home is within a homeowner’s association that you are within the rules of constructing a fence.

Often a homeowner’s association will have guidelines for putting up a fence around your yard even if it is the backyard and it cannot be seen from the street. You want to ensure that you are within these guidelines. Especially if they state that you need to submit your plans to the board for approval before putting up your fence.

Landscaping and Vegetation

If you want to go a completely natural route, you may not need to build a fence at all. You could simply bring in some great natural hedges that inhibit eyesight into the next yard. There are some great hedges that are very beautiful like a camellia that will block your view but bring in fragrance and pretty flowers.

If you are planning to build a fence and there is a tree or hedge along the property line, make sure that it is on your side of the line and not your neighbors. If the plant that is in the way of fencing is on your neighbor’s side you will need to communicate and work with them about trimming it back or taking it out in order to put up the fence.

Choosing a Fence Material

When it comes to fencing or barrier walls there are many different items you could use to construct your privacy fencing. You could use vinyl fencing, wood, or brick and stone. The material you should choose will ultimately depend upon your budget, any homeowner association rules for materials, and the overall design you were hoping for.

When deciding what materials to use the exterior architecture of your home can be a big help in your final decision. You want to make sure that your fence is not competing in style with the exterior architecture of your home and your deck. You don’t want to go with a completely new architectural style for your fence that does not compliment the rest of your property. Not only will it feel like an eyesore, but it could also make the home harder to sell in the future.

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