Best Place to Live in Columbus

Best place to live in Columbus OhioBest place to live in Columbus

The term "best place to live" of course is all subjective. What might be a 'best place' for one may not be for another? But that doesn't mean that there's not the best place to live in Columbus just for you. As a Best place to live in Columbus Ohio real estate agent in this area I strive to make sure that where you live is the best place for you, not just with your budget but with the schools that you choose, the neighborhood you choose, the type of home you want, and the environment you're looking to live within. I've compiled a list of reviews, comments, neighborhood information and details to help you make a better selection of where you feel the best place to live in Columbus could be.

If you have a specific budget, the type of school district you like to be in or distance to a job or commute routes that appeal to you specifically, feel free to bring those concerns to me at any time and we can help narrow down the list of some of the best places to live in the Columbus area meets your needs.

Columbus has been on several lists as one of the top 100 best places to live in general. Forbes magazine has ranked Columbus and the number 20 is the best place for business and careers midsize cities offering great work ethics, job growth, and a great place to visit and socialize. With a 6% unemployment and 2.7% job growth coupled with a 6.7 cost of living below the national average, Columbus makes it an ideal place for the economy, industry, and family growth.

According to other publications by Forbes and CNN, Columbus offers proximity to top 100 living communities with specialized attention to Westerville, Gahanna, Bexley, Dublin, and Upper Arlington. We have excellent access to schools and colleges with a wide variety of educational options including public schools, private schools, Ohio State University, one of the largest and most respected public universities in the country. Because of this, the intelligent communities form has named Columbus is one of the seven most intelligent cities in the world... in the world!

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Central Ohio is one of the best places to be a sports fan because the Ohio State Buckeyes consistently have a solid fan base their games a hot commodity on any given weekend. The streets are bare during a home football game. Just beware.

As far as neighborhoods go, German Village seems to be one of the more popular ones. This tiny neighborhood is a premier historical district throughout the county and is moderately priced depending on the type of home you choose. This neighborhood has tree-lined streets, brick buildings, and historical parks, all adding to the charm of this community.

In 2006, Columbus Monthly set out to identify central Ohio's best neighborhoods. Of course, everyone's idea of the American dream is different than another's so they made their selection based on two factors that drive people to settle in specific neighborhoods: lifestyle and geographical location. Winners were picked from each quadrant of the greater Columbus area and differentiated between suburban neighborhoods and those within the city. Again, German Village came up as a place worth preserving offering an urban and historical feel and ambiance. 

Old Worthington also made the list and present the collection of charming New England style homes, busy sidewalks with bicyclists and families as well as a socialized neighborhood, one in which people park out front and converse with their neighbors. In the center of this are is the Village Green, a gathering place established in 1804 perfect for Sunday night concerts, community events and farmers market.

Clintonville also has something for everyone with a sprawling neighborhood of about 23,000 residents. Clintonville incorporates several enclaves such as Crestview, Dominion Park, Indian Springs, Overbrook and Delawanda. There's a strong sense of civic duty in this area recognized by advocates the list here. It's known for its natural beauty, walking distance to urban thoroughfares, and attracts hipsters with its trendy coffee shops, community market and winemakers shop. It's also home to the Studio 35 movie theater, Nancy's Home Cooking and Whole World Natural Restaurant and Bakery.

Merion Village takes the list as a prime demographic for increasing real estate investments, an eclectic mix of historical and modern construction, and sidewalk cafés including Schiller Park, garden parks and the Thurman Café.

Eastmoor has been known as a 'diamond in the rough' with grand old houses, winding tree-lined streets and deep roots in historical culture. Although Eastmoor does not have any large parks, it is a primarily residential community with older homes, stone structures and arches, and homes starting at about $220,000. [Source]

So what do locals have to say? According to several reviews sites here's what our locals have to say about the school districts and the surrounding communities.

"Most families relocating to Columbus based their living decision on the school districts. Basically the suburban districts outperformed the inner-city districts."

Grandview Heights. The best schools in town, possibly the state, the schools have a small class size but being surrounded by the city you get the best of both worlds in terms of student exposure, plus the school feels much less pretentious than others in the area. Grandview is also a small, walkable and highly active community. There are shops and restaurants to walk to and a singlescreen theater. The library here has been rated one of the best in the country for its size. Another bonus to its location is if you have to commute to work you will most likely be traveling with the opposite flow of rush hour traffic."

"I love living in Grandview, if you have school age children and one an amazing experience for them I have to throw Bexley into the ring. I lived there through middle school and high school and it was nothing short of ideal. Aside from a fantastic school system with recently added state-of-the-art facilities to the high school, the neighborhood is tight and friendly. There are restaurants, shopping and ice cream within walking distance as well as Jeffrey Manson, a community park with fields and playgrounds." [Source]

Want to know more? Feel free to visit these websites and get a good sense of the livability rate, walk score, and school districts throughout the Columbus area.

Ready to find your best place? Give me a call today. I specialize in all Columbus real estate and helping folks find the best place to live for them. And if you can't get a hold of me, I'm probably at a Buckeyes game.

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