August is a Good Time to List Your Columbus Home

August is a Good Time to List Your Columbus HomeMany homeowners in Columbus and all around America have been reluctant to sell their homes. But if you are a Columbus homeowner looking to list your home, August could be a very successful time to list your home for sale. There are some practical advantages to selling a home at the end of summer.

Limited inventory continues

If you have seen any real estate news on any level you are probably well aware that there is a very low amount of homes for sale. Selling your Columbus home while the inventory remains low is highly beneficial to you as a home seller. With few other options on the market a home that is in good condition in Columbus could sell quickly and for the best possible price.

The end of summer brings motivated buyers

Buyers who have been searching for a home all summer long in hopes to move their family before things become busy during the school year again are more motivated than ever to find that Columbus home that they love and get moved in. There is more of a sense of urgency to find that Columbus home they have been searching for and this helps buyers to be more motivated and willing to negotiate or make a more competitive offer because they want to be settled by a certain time

Easier staging and in-person showings

With summer comes longer hours of daylight and these longer hours of daylight are highly beneficial for in-person showings of your property. More daylight allows you to showcase all the best features of your home and make them easily visible to potential buyers. This is especially true of the exterior features of your home. Summer months help to highlight curb appeal better than any time of the year and curb appeal is a big driving factor of a home sale.

Sunshine and warm weather is a mood booster

With sunshine comes more vitamin D intake and vitamin D instantly increases mood and happy feelings. These happy feelings decrease stress and anxiety and help the home purchase process. Potential Columbus homebuyers are more energetic and enthusiastic about a home purchase than at other times of the year.

This may sound funny but it can be true and can be beneficial to a Columbus home seller to utilize the increased energy and mood boost of summer days to help sell their home as people are more motivated and happy to purchase a home as compared to other times of the year.

Potential refunds and bonuses

Some homebuyers have the potential to benefit from tax refunds or may be receiving summer bonuses that could help them with extra funds for purchasing a Columbus home. This means that buyers are in a better position to spend available funds on the Columbus home they truly love. Listing in the summer means that buyers may have a better financial capability during this time of year and as such means they are ready to purchase a home.

It could mean a faster closing

Listing at the end of summer and having a buyer that is hoping to get into their new Columbus home and settled before they get too far into the school year could mean that they ask for a faster closing process. There are also fewer demands on closing companies during this time allowing mortgage companies, appraisers, title companies, etc. that help finalize the sale of a home to move more quickly. Who doesn't want to be able to sell their home in a lesser timeframe?

There are many different benefits to listing your home for sale right now even if you feel like the peak season of summer has already passed you by. There's still time to list your home and catch the eye of an increased number of motivated buyers hoping to settle into a Columbus home before the weather changes, daylight is shorter, and their daily schedules become just a bit busier.

If you are looking to sell your Columbus home before the summer is out please contact me. I am highly knowledgeable in Columbus real estate and have successfully sold many Columbus homes for top dollar. I make it a focus to have the best interest of my client at heart and help to negotiate the best terms possible for their home sale. Working with a trusted professional is always a great strategy for selling your Columbus home successfully.

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