Adding Curb Appeal When Selling a Columbus Home in the Fall

Adding Curb Appeal When Selling a Columbus Home in the FallIf you are selling a home in Columbus curb appeal is highly important to catch the eye of potential buyers. If you are selling in the fall there are some great low-cost ways that you can instantly add a ton of curb appeal and get your house noticed and sold faster. 

Fall Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your Columbus Home

Bring Some Color to the Porch with Pumpkins

A great way to add curb appeal during the fall is with some subtle seasonal decorations. One of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to do this is to purchase a few pumpkins and gourds and place them around your front porch. This adds a pop of color and gives happy feelings of excitement about the current season and has potential buyers looking at your home.

Other great low-cost seasonal items include mums and straw bales or corn stocks. You can arrange these items around your front steps and even your mailbox to create a charming autumn feel to your home that seems welcoming and inviting to potential buyers and will have them wanting to look further into your home.

A great place to find all of these fun seasonal fall items is a local nursery or farm many of them have Haybale's, mums, corn stocks, and even ornamental grasses on hand, and supporting a local small business is always a great way to do it.

Window boxes

If you have window boxes on your front windows this is a great time to switch the plants in them and make them feel fresh and new. For a classic look consider mums and tall grasses. Three to five plants per planter will nicely fill the space. Using a layering technique with different heights of plants will always create interest and bring a sense of life to your window boxes. Window boxes are placed in a prominent area to be seen so they play a big role in curb appeal. Making sure this area looks fresh and well-groomed goes a long way. 

Grab a New Entry Mat

The simple act of a new fresh welcome mat outside your door does a lot to change up the space. A fall-themed mat is a great inexpensive way to brighten the mood of your exterior entry at the front door and make the space feel warm, positive, and inviting. One way to make the mat fit in with your home and not stick out or feel like it doesn't belong is to keep it cohesive with the outdoor color scheme of your house. A welcome mat that works with all color schemes is a popular natural sisal-style mat that comes in a neutral khaki color with some fall decorations painted on. 

Wreaths are Great

Wreaths are always a great and attractive classic way to bring the season to your front door. There's something so welcoming and inviting about a seasonal wreath hanging on the front door. It also draws the eye up and to your front door so you want to make sure that your front door is in great shape and nicely cleaned. Some studies have shown that the front door of a home is one of the most important attributes of curb appeal. Hanging a wreath can only help bring some positive attention to this important piece of your curb appeal.


At this time of year, the daylight hours are much fewer than they were in the summer months. It almost seems like October instantly goes from plenty of visibility into the late evening hours to dark at mid-afternoon in a matter of days. Make sure that the lighting around your front porch and door is in great shape, and clean, and the lightbulbs are working well hope to instantly boost curb appeal. Additionally, you can opt for some mood lighting like some orange-colored lights or a lighted Leaf garland around the door or on the railings of your porch if you have them. Placing a lantern or two around pumpkins also gives an extra layer of decoration and some added warmth.

Don't forget to clean up the landscaping

Fall decorations and a clean front porch area with plenty of lighting will do great to boost your curb appeal, but you also want to make sure that your landscaping is nicely cleaned up and trimmed so that it is not distracting from all of the efforts you have put into the fall decorations you have put out. Make sure to keep up on tasks like sweeping leaves and other fallen debris especially from walkways to keep the curb appeal neat and tidy and keep the attention where you want it. 

For more information on selling your Columbus home in the fall please contact me. I am here to help you sell your home with as little stress as possible in the quickest timeframe possible and for the best price. 

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