8 Smart House Upgrades to Increase Your Home's Value

When it comes to selling you really want to impress buyers and make them talk about your home long after they've left. To really well buyers a smart home and its technology is where it's at. There are a lot of ways you can add value to your home by upgrading or updating certain components to smart technology. Here are the eight best smart home technology upgrades that really add value to your property.

#1. Smart lighting.8 Smart House Upgrades to Increase Your Home's Value

Lighting can be controlled by either your smartphone or your voice is definitely becoming the norm in a lot of newer homes. You can turn on and off lights remotely, dim them, or perhaps turn on electrical outlets from other locations or where switches might be inconvenient.

#2. Smart thermostats.

Programmable thermostats like Nest are becoming extremely popular in newer homes. The temperature can be controlled by your smartphone or even your voice.

#3. Smart garage door opener.

Ever got a text from a neighbor early in the morning or late at night saying your garage doors open? This smart technology can avoid that by notifying you if you've left your garage door on for too long or past a certain time.

#4. Smart appliances.

With in-home devices like Alexa and Google, you can control appliances with your voice, which comes in mighty handy when your hands are covered in flower or chicken juice.

#5. Smart security system.

From Ring to Nest and beyond, security systems are definitely getting an upgrade. You can easily see who's at your front door even if you're not home, set the alarm remotely, and close windows and doors if necessary or get a birds-eye look at your entire home both interior and exterior.

#6. Smart locks.

A smart lot can help you open or close the door remotely if a friend or family member stops by and you're not home. You can give temporary codes for guests, and never forget to lock the door, regardless of how far away you are from the front door.

#7. Smart curtains and blinds.

You can set your blinds or curtains automatically open at a certain time each day or close automatically at night saving you time and the hassle of fiddling with it every day.

#8. Smart speakers.

Control speakers throughout your home allowing for music, TV, video games, or other audio or video to play at your command. This is perfect for entertaining or just if you don't want to lose your audiobook from one room to the other.

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