5 Things Most Buyers Don't Care About

A home can look amazing, spectacular, pristine, but if it has features that buyers just don't care about, it doesn't matter how amazing it is, it just won't sell or it won't sell with the inflated price that matches the features. There are certain things, materials, and items that some buyers just don't care about but they realize it does increase the price of the home, making them worry about even making an offer. Now, your home may have some of these things and if so, obviously you can't take them out, but don't expect a higher price because you have them.

5 Things Most Buyers Don't Care About#1. Swimming pools and hot tubs.

Buyers just see maintenance. Now,'s are great in places like Orlando Florida or California, but in places like Columbus Ohio, having a swimming pool in your backyard to brave the elements is not a good selling point.

#2. Garage conversions.

Even though we live in a society where we almost never park a car in the garage, we still want that option. If you've converted the garage into a daycare center, extra bedroom, or anything other than a garage, people may just pass you by.

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#3. Home gym or game room.

These two items are great for a family that has decided to use them on a regular basis, but for most buyers, this is not a good selling point. Most people usually don't have their own game or gym equipment, so the room ends up being vacant, not knowing exactly what to do with it.

#4. Extensive landscaping.

Don't spend a lot of money on landscaping such as water features and rock walls. Make it nice, clean, and something that almost disappears with the rest of the house. Buyers don't want to see a lot of high maintenance and landscaping and if you put in a lot of features, you may not get your return out of them.

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#5. Built-ins.

Having a dedicated library or an office with lots of shelving and built-ins, usually won't appeal to the majority of buyers. However, you might find out one buyer that is just in love with this room, even though it's a long shot.

Again, if you have some of these items it's not necessarily a bad thing, but just don't expect to get a whole lot more profit because of them. If you're ready to buy or sell throughout the Columbus area give me a call at any time.

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