5 Landscaping Ideas When Selling Your Home

Curb appeal is one of the very first impressions you have to make with homebuyers. They will see the outside of the home before the inside, so it has to shine. Even if you're not planning on selling, sprucing up your landscaping make the entire neighborhood look more attractive and of course, buyers will be impressed. Here are five landscaping ideas when selling your home.

5 Landscaping Ideas When Selling Your Home#1. Clear out anything dead.

Dead leaves, trees, flowers, and shrubs bring the entire landscaping down. It's time to get rid of it, baguette, cut it off, or dig it up. Fill in any blank areas with fresh flowers, potted plants or tasteful yard art.

#2. Mow the grass and pull the weeds.

Simply mowing the grass and edging it can work wonders on the look of your curb appeal. If you have to, get out there on your hands and knees and pull those weeds. They do nothing for the look of the landscaping.

#3. Hide or remove lanky bushes.

If you have older bushes or shrubs that have long tendrils, or leg he bushes, it's time to either hide them with boxwoods in the front, trim them down neatly as long as they don't look worse off than they do now, or simply remove them and replace them.

#4. Clean up any hardscapes.

Use a pressure washer to remove Moss and grime from driveways and walkways. Lighter pressure will help remove any buildup on fences as well.

#5. Add lighting.

Lighting can definitely highlight your homes curb appeal. Once you've corrected and improved the landscaping, highlighted by adding solar lights up pathways, light up dark entryways, steps, or pathways. Make sure people know where to go and how to get to the front door. You can even shine a light on a beautiful tree, flower bed, or an architectural element of the house.

Again, curb appeal is the first impression your home will make on a potential buyer. In prove it, enjoy it, and make it shine.

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