5 Great Tips for Setting up Christmas Decorations

We might as well give in and realize that everyone is setting up their Christmas decorations practically on Memorial Day nowadays. There is no waiting until after Thanksgiving. But, if you think about it, they are really wanting to express what Christmas is about, the home me, the comfort of the holiday season and if somebody wants to do that early, I say we let them. As for me, I typically wait for the weekend after Thanksgiving to start setting up Christmas things, but seeing Christmas trees in the Windows and Garland around the front door, definitely gets me in the holiday spirit. If you're looking to save a little bit of time and maybe even some money this year, here are five great tips to save money when putting up Christmas decorations.5 Great Tips for Setting up Christmas Decorations

#1. Get a Christmas tree that's already decorated.

This might not be the money-saving tip, but you can buy trees out there that are already decorated. You simply pull it out of the bag, give it a little shake, and all the ornaments fall perfectly into place. If you want to cut just a few corners, by a tree that already has lights on it. The only downside to this is that if one or two go out, good luck trying to get them off the tree. A lot of these trees are permanently installing lights on to them, so you might need to buy another tree in the next few years.

#2. Keep things organized.

When you put everything away this year, make sure it's organized and labeled to save you time next year. If you feel like you're missing half of your ornaments, they could be buried under the hollowing or Thanksgiving decorations so keep things organized and in its own been properly labeled.

#3. Cut out things that just don't spark joy.

If you are a Marie Kondo fan, you know that cutting out things that just don't bring you joy is a great way to minimize your life, and you can do this for Christmas decorations as well. If you're a decorator that likes to pare down frequently, every year, goal through the items that are low longer bringing you the same amount of joy as they used to. It's time to donate those to your local thrift store or if they're just not good condition anymore, it's time to toss.

#4. Do your outside decorating earlier.

I don't know about you, but decorating in the middle of winter is not fun. Take a weekend between now and Thanksgiving if possible when you have good weather and a little bit of a warmer day. If you're getting on the ladder, make sure it's not icy or slick. 

#5. Either get the kids involved or send them to a friend's house.

If your kids are old enough, there's no reason you should be doing everything yourself. But, if you have a little kids, they may cause more trouble than help so it might be a good idea to send them to a babysitter or their grandparents house while you decorate. Whichever way will save you more time, it will be a benefit and it will take some stress off of you.

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season and getting into it a little bit early this year so that you have more time to enjoy all the benefits of the Christmas season.

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