10 Things That Might Ruin the Look of Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is a great way to boost value on your home and impress potential buyers if you're planning on selling. But, you want to be methodical about your kitchen remodel and try not to make some costly mistakes. According to an interior designer with a recent article in MSN lifestyle, here are 10 things that could ruin the look of your kitchen that you want to avoid.

#1. Colorful cabinets.10 Things that can Ruin The Look of your Kitchen

Colorful cabinets and bright reds or blues might be trending but they are not timeless. Cheap cabinets may also be a costly mistake. Cabinets can be one of the most expensive items in the kitchen so find something that's middle-of-the-road, timeless, and will go with just about any color tone.

#2. Lighting in the wrong place.

Have you ever been in a kitchen where the lighting just doesn't seem appropriate for where you would actually need it? If you're lighting isn't directly over the main work areas it may be dysfunctional. Find where you're working the most and how much light you'll need in that location.

#3. A busy backsplash.

Backslashes that have too much design or two colorful may not be timeless and they are expensive if they need to be replaced. You want a simple and elegant backsplash that doesn't detract from the main items of the house. A cohesive and clean look resonates much better over time and will boost the resell value.

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#4. Dysfunctional layouts.

If the kitchen is not practical or there are odd spaces and dysfunctional items or counter space, people won't want to gather and you probably won't want to use your kitchen as much. Think about the layout in practical terms of how you cook and entertain.

#5. Not being intentional about outlets.

When you are redesigning your kitchen think carefully about the outlets and what you would plug-in and where you would keep the appliances. Some of the most common things such as blenders and toasters can clutter countertops and cause the wires to jumble up. Think about your most common tabletop appliances and where you would need an outlet.

#6. Not enough space.

Think about all of the space you have now and if you're planning on increasing or decreasing the space with a kitchen renovation. Where will you keep all of your pots, pans, and other items that now may be stored away? Try to incorporate extra-large cabinets into the design or incorporate functional storage methods such as a hanging rack or pullout shelves.

#7. Marble counters may not be worth it.

We've come a long way in countertops over the years and while granite was a big deal about 10 years ago, Quartz seems to be a better option. It's more durable, doesn't chip or stain like granite can, and doesn't need to be resealed. However, marble might be even more difficult to maintain. Marble can erode quickly when it's met with acidic ingredients and they can stain as well.

#8. Leaving a large open space above the cabinets.

Stretch that cabinet space further by choosing cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling if possible. Otherwise, that space above the cabinets will just collect dust and grease.

#9. Don't neglect the triangle design.

Your kitchen should be a triangle design of efficiency. Meaning that the sink, storage, and cooking should all form a perfect triangle in the kitchen. This practical design makes for a more cohesive environment.

#10. Avoid high-gloss cabinets.

High-gloss cabinets can take away from the warmth in a kitchen. If you're looking for a cozy space, stay away from ultra-modern, high-class looks. It might seem contemporary but it can create a cold, sterile environment.

Planning on remodeling? Looking to sell your home? Give me a call and let's find out how much it's worth today and how much a kitchen remodel could boost your home's value.


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