10 Hidden Costs to Moving

Moving can be very expensive. It's not just the time it takes to pack up, rent moving trucks, and hire movers, there are a lot of hidden costs to moving that people might not realize. Here are 10 hidden costs of moving.

#1. Utility deposits.

In the excitement of moving from one home to another, you may be required to put a deposit down for utilities on the new home before you move in. This might be added to your monthly cost or it may be an additional fee. Turning on new utilities or transferring could come with additional fees as well.

#2. Forgetting to discontinue services.

Don't forget to let your old utility companies know that you've moved. This might be in your cell phone service, electricity, natural gas, propane, Internet, or any other forms of utilities. It would be such a bummer to realize you've been paying for two or three months utilities in your old place.

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