Lynnette Monee' Cummings
Lynnette  Monee' Cummings
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Lynae is a native of Columbus, Ohio.  As a lifetime resident of Columbus, she identifies herself as being a Buckeye for Life!  Lynae is a graduate of The Ohio State University where has earned her Master’s degree. In addition to being an high achieving academic scholar. Lynae obtained her real estate license back in the late 90’s.  Lynae has extensive education. But still maintains the innate ability to demystify the real estate transaction for her fortunate customers. Throughout the years, Lynae has left a long line of happy, satisfied customers by helping countless families and individuals complete their identified real estate goals.  

Recently, Lynae with her vast knowledge and experience, coupled with her intelligence and quick wit has partnered with her fiancee’, Jeffrey Verdine, Sr. is also a people person , consistent and highly driven.  Referred to as the Jefflynn Team, united they plan on being able to reach and service more people. The Jefflynn team is professionally compassionate and walks their customers, step-by-step through the real estate process.  In the effort, to avoid the historic feelings of stress to their customers which is very common. Together, the Jefflynn team is ready and excited to work with you to help you to accomplish your real estate goals.