Don Payne Group

Don Payne Group represents the region's finest properties with exceptional skill using the most innovative technologies currently available. Don Payne Group offers ultimate privacy and security, speed, and efficiency. Their years of full-time experience have given them a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace.

Meet Donald A. Payne - Founder, Vision Realty

Don Payne is a devoted husband, father, son, friend, and volunteer. All of these life experiences make him uniquely qualified to have been the realtor of choice for home buyers and sellers since 1979.

The key to Don's success for more than 25 years has been his willingness to take the time to get to know his clients and to understand how their housing situation can best help them meet their personal visions. 

Don has used his real estate expertise and relationship-building skills to help people in all walks of life realize their homeownership goals. He has reached out to single individuals, first-time homebuyers, new families, single parents, and well-established homeowners in a broad spectrum of pricing ranges, throughout their desired market areas.

Don has a sincere passion for knowing that, at the end of the day, his strategy has been to provide his clients with a caring, concerned partner in helping them achieve their unique life visions.

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Whatever your housing vision may be, Don Payne can help! 


Don Payne Jr.

A true native of the Columbus area, Donald has been raised in real estate. Being mentored by his father, a veteran real estate pro, first licensed back in 1979, Donald has developed wisdom in this business far beyond his years. And because they are a family, Donald, just like Don Sr. and Denise, continues to take a family focus in how he approaches his clients and customers, keeping their best interests at heart and in the forefront of every decision. 

Donald is a native of Franklin County, graduated from Gahanna Lincoln High School and subsequently attended The Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!). Donald currently lives in the Gahanna area. In his spare time, Donald spends time with his family and friends, doing church work, attending sporting events, mentoring students and working out

Donald has been awarded the ABR (accredited buyer representative) designation and along with the rest of the team, he constantly seeks out educational opportunities and the latest technology that continue to enhance the quality of his service. The vast majority of his business is now referral-based; nothing is more honorable than being referred to family and friends. 


As an educator of some of the most challenged students in the K – 12 system, Denise is a master of keeping her cool during difficult situations. Working with everyone from students in the general and special populations a public school's grades 2 through 12, to severe behavioral challenged students who had been hospitalized, Denise succeeded in keeping everyone, from student to guardians to medical professionals, on the same page and moving forward toward a common, positive outcome. She also piloted several programs during her tenure.

After over three decades in education, Denise retired from teaching and joined Don and Donald in the real estate business as the team's project manager. Her gift of researching a subject, analyzing data, identifying resources, creating plans for implementation and following them through to completion is a valuable asset to the team.

A passionate, lifelong learner in addition to being a teacher and coach, Denise feels it's important that individuals ask for the world around them, build their confidence and exercise their God-given talents and skills outside of real estate she has helped individuals discover their dreams, set goals, adapt, and resolve issues of time, materials, personal needs and desires, self-motivation, comprehension, and self investment. From prepping teens for independent living, to supporting women to reignite their dreams midway through life, to assisting seniors with decluttering and downsizing, Denise is a walking testimonial of her vision to all who come in contact with her.

Lamar Price

As a Columbus native and someone who's been in real estate for two years, Lamar has the eye for lucrative fines. He has worked for the State of Ohio Corrections for over a decade. This has  enabled him to become a keen observer and good listener making him your guide to satisfy all of your house hunting needs.