Where is Columbus?

If you are looking for just the right place to live in Ohio, you definitely need to check out Columbus. Ohio living is centered around Columbus and for good reason. As Ohio's capital and largest city, located conveniently between Cincinnati and Cleveland, Columbus offers you easy access to everything Ohio has to offer right from your doorstep.

Columbus has a rich history and a bright future. With more than 787,000 residents inside the city and more than 1.9 million in the region, this city is full of possibilities. Right now, home prices in Columbus are amazingly reasonable. The median price of a home here is a remarkable $88,000. With 98 neighborhoods to choose from, you are sure to find just the right place for your needs.

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Urban living has its advantages. Diversity and choices mark Columbus as a great place to make a home. If you choose to purchase a home in Columbus, you have the option of a single family home on a large lot, a townhome or a condominium or just about anything in between. Imagine living, working and playing in the heart of the city! It's a vibrant place with every convenience nearby.

The city is alive with adventure. There are plenty of great places to dine, parks to enjoy on a sunny day and an amazingly diverse selection of live music venues to satisfy any musical taste. The list of activities is endless and offer you a lifetime of enjoyment.

The business community is vibrant and the future sure looks good from Columbus! Because Columbus is centrally located, you can do business throughout Ohio, the Northeast and the Midwest with ease. There a number of major roads in and out of the metro area and the region is served by two great airports, Port Columbus International Airport and Rickenbacker International airport. Need to get around the city? Columbus has a great public transportation system.

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Named the 2009 BusinessWeek "best place in the country to raise a family." Every student is offered access to both strong academic programs and sports.

Before you make your final decision buy property in Ohio, make sure you put Columbus at the top of your list. It offers you everything you would expect from a capital city. Few cities can offer such exceptional convenience, easy access to nearby cities, great schools and exceptional values! Isn't it time to see what properties are available in Columbus today?

Cleveland. Columbus has a diverse and thus stable economy that holds a strong base in a range of fields - education, government, insurance, banking, fashion, defense.

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