QR Code Donald Payne

qrcodeHave you seen one of these? This one is Vision Realty’s own QR (Quick Response) Code. In the near future you will find this code throughout the website, our Facebook page, and various print materials.

This technology is fairly new and we have taken the time to answer some commonly asked questions:

What is a QR Code?

A quick response code is another type of barcode, that when scanned will direct you to a designated url.

What can read a QR Code?

A quick response reader or camera phone with a Q.R. reader application can process the code.

Where can I go to get a QR Reader?

Click on the following links based on the type of phone you have:

How do I use my QR Reader?

Once installed, launch the QR reader application to take a picture of the code. The application goes to work and reads the image to translate it into a URL, which will bring your phone’s web browser up with the designated url address.

Donald Payne
Donald Payne
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