Need to Sell Your Home in Columbus Ohio?

How Fast? At What Price? And Why?Sell my home in Columbus

These are the three things we ask our homeowners. Why are you selling? Do you need to relocate? Short Sale? Risk of foreclosure or have you already found another home? We evaluate why a seller needs to sell their home in order to price it affectively and get it sold. We determine selling factors such as why you are moving so that we know how much time we have to get it sold. If you are simply listing your home in order to see how much you can get for it and you don't really have to sell, we don't need to be as aggressive in the price. If you need to sell fast due to relocation or job change and time is of the essence then we can't mess around with price. We need to aggressively price it to sell and get it out there as fast as possible.

If you are on the verge of a short sale or foreclosure, we need to immediately speak to the bank and figure out the best plan of action to move forward swiftly. The why and the how fast go hand in hand to getting the best price and the fastest sale.

We also want to help YOU stage and present your home to potential buyers. Doing what you can on your part ensures more views online and more buyers through the door. Staging and prep all help in the process so we walk through your home giving detailed instructions on what needs to happen in order to show well and sell fast. We answer any questions you have about the home selling process and are completely honest with you on repairs and design. If something really needs help or there is a big problem area we will inform you what will happen if you correct it and if you leave it the same. Many times sellers can receive more from their sale if they simply worked with the agent and cleaned up a few issues. 

Then there's the price.

We price aggressively for your needs. If you need to sell fast because you've bought another home or some other reason, there is no point to test the market, see what you can get and lower if necessary. Now is the time to act fast and price it right. We will determine how much you need from the sale and work with you to set a price everyone can feel comfortable with. I will give you every scenario that could happen if you over price the home. If you really want it sold, you must trust your real estate agent to get the job done in the time you need.

Ready to get started? Call me today for a no obligation consultation on the why, the how and the price of your Columbus home. Let's get it sold! 

Donald Payne
Donald Payne
Founder/ Broker