New Construction Homes in Columbus Ohio

If you are considering buying a new home in the Columbus area there are some great new subdivisions and communities popping up all the time. As your agent I want to make sure we find the right community, home and price range that meets all your requirements. Here are some great tips for finding and purchasing new construction in Columbus. 
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Always Have an Agent on Stand by

If you are interested in new construction let me stress the importance of having your own buying agent when looking at homes. The listing agent or builder is always on site to snatch you up but remember, if you use the listing agent as a buyers agent, they really can't work only for you. They are working to sell the property. This may not always be in your best interest or with all your needs as a priority. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to be a representative on both sides. It would be like a defense attorney defending both sides; pretty impractical.  Using a buyers agent is free to buyers and takes the pressure off when touring new homes. Simply tell the agent on duty that you have a buyers agent and they will stop pressuring you for business. 

Understand that new construction may not be perfect.

Even though you get to  customize the house as you go, not everything will be perfect and you need to speak up and inform  the builder of any construction home.bmpissues or problems as they arise so you don't have to deal with them later. Have a professional inspection completed making sure all issues are addressed and anything that is not up to code or your standards are taken care of right away. You will have multiple chances for a walk-through and feel free to drop by and check in on the progress of your home. This is your home and you want it done right.

You have the chance to customize as you go.

While this sounds exciting it can also have the potential of being stressful. The wrong tile, the wrong color on the walls, discontinued flooring or fixtures can all lead to frustration and stress. If you know these things going in, it can make for a little easier transaction. Not everything runs smoothly but if you keep the end goal in mind and know that you will soon be in the home of your dreams, it can make the process a little less stressful. 

Understand additional costs.

Keep your budget in mind and remember that all those extras can add up. Make sure you are staying in your budget and one that you have been approved for. It would be tragic to learn that all your customizations now has put you over your budget. Try and keep to a strict budget and you will be more secure later on. 

Also, there may be additional fees to the homeowners association. Most new subdivisions will have a monthly or quarterly association fee so plan for this and be prepared to add this to your monthly mortgage or home operating costs.

Don't Forget To Request A Quick Status Report On Any Homes Or Properties That Interest You! 

It can take days, weeks, or longer for changes to appear on web sites. Don't waste your time with less than current information. Request my free Status Report and find out if the homes you are interested in are still on the market, under contract, in escrow, or if the price has been reduced. 

The Status Report that you'll receive by email will also include other important information that has been left out or that is available to me through my professional resources, such as how long the property has been on the market, when it was last sold, what it sold for, and more. 

When you click on any link above, you'll see your chosen site, along with a form at the bottom of your screen. Use this form to request my quick Status Report on any homes or other real estate that interests you. It's free and without obligation. 

Remember: As a top Columbus area real estate agent, it's my job to know more about a property than any web site. Make sure you have the most current information! 

Donald Payne
Donald Payne
Founder/ Broker
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