First Time Home Buyers

Buying Your First Home?

Real Estate Agents Are Your Professional Guides. Make Sure You Choose a Top Expert.

Buying a home for the first time doesn't have to be scary or intimidating and as your buyer's agent in the Columbus, Gahanna, Westerville and Lewis Center area I want it to be a fun experience. Having all the necessary documents and paperwork prepared ahead of time can make the entire process go much smoother and easier.


If you don't know where to start it's best to call me and simply tell me your situation. We can discuss finances and budget, your needs in a new home, location, and any other requirements needed to buy a property. Knowing how much you can afford before looking at homes is really a smart buying move. This really needs to be one of the first steps to homeownership. Looking at homes out of your price range can only lead to disappointment and frustration. I want my buyers to be fully prepared when placing an offer on a home.

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As a top Columbus real estate expert, it's my job to guide you, from beginning to end. Not using a buyer's agent to purchase your very first Columbus real estate can literally cost you thousands of dollars. I want your first home buying experience to be fun, exciting, and exactly what you wanted to be. You need to know the process be prepared before you start looking at homes. It will make the entire transaction run much smoother.

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I will take the time to go through each and every step of the buying process. There are no dumb questions!

These are valuable keys you need to know:

- How much can you really afford?

- How to qualify for a mortgage. 

- 5 Things to know before buying your first home

- How much cash you should put down.

- How to buy a home with little or nothing down.

-A Home Buyers Check List

- What it takes to get approved for financing. What banks and other financial institutions are looking for.

-  How much your payments will be.

-  The tax advantages of buying. 

-  Do I Need a Buyers Agent?

-  What happens if your offer is rejected?

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-  Is renting or buying better for you?

This may be a lot to know but having all of the details ahead of time can help you make an informed decision on which home is right for you, your family and your budget. I want to make sure that when you move into your home is one of the most pleasant experiences of your life. Owning your home can be such a rewarding experience and finding the right home can make all the difference in the world. I am dedicated to finding the right home for my buyers that they can love for years to come.

Tell me a bit about your situation below. I'll get right back to you. There is absolutely no charge to use my service from start to closing, and I offer this to you with no strings attached. 

Donald Payne
Donald Payne
Founder/ Broker